Product Demo: Waste Management

Waste management like any other process has different nuances based on industry. For instance, Oil & Gas has containerized, and non-containerized waste and R&D in Pharma and Universities typically have smaller and more acute hazard waste that needs to be lab packed or bulked for disposal. However, the basic business needs are the same: manage waste streams/profiles, internal pick-up requests, inventory and storage, weekly inspections, manifesting and shipment.

Join Cority’s waste management subject matter experts as they share best practices on leveraging technology to alleviate the typical pains and take your waste program to the next level with visual location, barcoding and mobility.

During this Technology Tour you will get an overview of the Award-Winning Cority Platform and see how to:

  • Create common User Dashboards for easy management based on role
  • Visualize Waste Status
  • Manage Containers
  • Track Shipments
  • Create Manifests and Labels
  • Use barcodes via mobile devices to manage waste and containers
  • Generate Standard Reports for compliance
  • Identify money pits in your waste management program