Process Safety Management Build and Optimize a Program that Fits Your Organization

How are you thinking about the workplace safety management process within your organization? This webinar held by Steve Hawkins (ERM) and Ian Cohen (Cority) is about building and optimizing a program that fits your organization.

The Process Safety Management Build and Optimize Webinar covers:

  • Managing the 14 elements more efficiently
  • Identifying internal stakeholders and understand what’s important to them
  • Implement a best-in-class PSM program using real-world examples
  • Optimize your program and drive continuous improvements once the project has ended
  • Provide participants with solutions to increase the value of their PSM programs to ensure employee and public safety.

As organizations evolve, so should their strategies for ensuring a safe and compliant work environment. How are you currently thinking about the workplace safety management process within your organization? Is it robust, adaptable, and aligned with the unique needs and objectives of your business? This webinar, led by industry experts Steve Hawkins from ERM and Ian Cohen from Cority, aims to guide you in building and optimizing a Process Safety Management (PSM) program that truly resonates with your organization’s ethos and goals.

The “Process Safety Management Build and Optimize Webinar” is designed to equip you with actionable insights and practical strategies to enhance your PSM initiatives. We will delve into managing the 14 elements of PSM more efficiently, ensuring that each component is streamlined, effective, and contributes to overall safety excellence. Understanding the importance of internal stakeholders is crucial in this journey. We will explore how to identify these key players within your organization, comprehend their priorities, and integrate their perspectives to create a harmonized and cohesive PSM program.

Moreover, this webinar will showcase best-in-class PSM programs through real-world examples, illustrating successful implementations and highlighting the transformative impact of a well-executed safety management strategy. But the journey doesn’t end there. We will also discuss how to optimize your program post-implementation, driving continuous improvements and ensuring sustained safety excellence.

By the end of this webinar, participants will not only gain valuable insights into building and optimizing their PSM programs but also receive practical solutions to enhance the value of these initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to empower you to prioritize employee and public safety, fostering a workplace environment that is secure, compliant, and conducive to growth.

Join us on this journey to redefine and elevate your approach to Process Safety Management.

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