Key Trends in EHS 2022: A Year in Review

At Cority, we’re fortunate enough to work with millions of users within the EHS community, from cutting edge researchers focused on bringing better technology to the world, to front-line workers across dozens of verticals. It’s our pleasure to collaborate with these individuals on a daily basis in a fast-paced industry constantly looking to change – but it’s important to reflect on the trends shaping our industry to focus on where we can improve and predict where we might go.

Join Cority’s Stuart Cook and special guest Lacie Wournell, Associate Vice President, Digital EHS&S at Arcadis, to discuss some of the key trends experienced by EHS professionals in 2022, the methods being used to create cohesive and interconnected teams, and what we expect to see as our industry moves forward into 2023.

This webinar will include:

  • Top trends impacting the world of Safety, Environmental, Sustainability, Health, Quality, and Analytics teams within EHS.
  • The impact of external factors such as economics, political instability, and lasting implications of worldwide events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How the biggest players in the industry are working to retain stability in times of uncertainty, and what actions these organizations are putting in place ahead of 2023.
  • Live discussion with you, the audience, over what your top concerns are and how you’re working to overcome them in the next year.

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