Intro to Cority’s Health Essentials Solution

Worker health plays a significant role in financial impact, with approximately $575 billion lost annually due to healthcare expenses, absenteeism, and reduced productivity. 1 This issue is even more critical for global organizations operating across large footprints aiming to maintain competitiveness. Embracing digitization through occupational health programs is a strategic move to counter this challenge. By streamlining administration, improving operational efficiency, and reducing illnesses, costs can be significantly lowered.

Discover Cority’s Health Essentials, a best-in-class solution designed by health experts to address key components of an effective occupational health program. With a focus on rapid implementation, Health Essentials promises quicker returns on investment, enabling organizations to proactively monitor health metrics and achieve improved workforce well-being.

Explore the potential of Health Essentials firsthand with insights from Cority’s health experts, Julianna Giordanella and Frances Andreacchi. Join their guided tour to understand how this solution can help you:

  1. Better manage workplace health risks through improved visibility.
  2. Simplify health surveillance and testing with pre-configured programs and activities.
  3. Accurately track metrics and uncover key insights through interactive dashboards.

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