Webinar: How Participatory Ergonomics Can Help Drive a Culture of Risk Management in Your Business

When you’re looking to understand how to improve a job, who best to ask than the individuals who perform it every single day?  While this point seems rather obvious, it’s often surprising how often it is disregarded.  But organizations who engage their people and encourage the active participation of employees in how to design work are better able to mitigate known work-related ergonomic risks, in turn reducing the chances of occupational injuries.

But for businesses looking to reap the benefits of greater employee participation in their ergonomics initiatives, where should they start?

Join Cority’s ergonomist expert Kim Moull, CCPE, as she explores how any organization can realize significant improvements in ergonomic risk management by implementing small, practical changes that will boost engagement, and ensure the collective ideas, perspectives and solutions created at the front-line are equally considered in their ergonomics program improvement efforts.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How the study of participatory ergonomics has helped pave the way for modern engagement strategies aimed at ergonomic risk reduction;
  • Why adopting a participatory approach can help your organization improve its ergonomic risk management outcomes; and
  • What practical strategies exist for involving front-line workers in the ergonomic risk management process, and how we can effectively remove barriers to ergonomic program participation

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