ESG Management in Practice: Current Challenges for Investors

With the Sustainable Finance Action Plan, the European Union intends to promote more sustainable economic growth, ensure a stable and inclusive financial system, and strengthen transparency and sustainability in the financial and real economy.

The first regulations in this direction have been introduced by the EU as well as at the national level, and they are further strengthening the already increasing relevance of ESG aspects in investment activities. For this reason, a large number of investors are now integrating ESG criteria into their investment and risk processes and are transparently facing up to the new transformation task of the financial market with professional ESG management.

Watch this webinar to get an insight into ESG practice and its requirements for professional ESG management from the ESG experts at TAUW and WeSustain. The focus will lie on a short overview of the current ESG practice and the exchange around current challenges in the financial market, especially with regard to the implementation of current regulatory requirements of the SFDR and the EU Taxonomy. In addition, you will gain insights on how to address these challenges through digital and standardized implementation with software solutions.

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