Common Barriers to Digitization and How to Overcome Them

The story of digitization within EHS is nothing new – organizations are able to increase efficiency, enable easier collaboration, enhance usability, and save themselves money in the long term. So why does the EHS space continue to run into barriers when implementing software?

Join Verdantix & Cority as they explore the ways EHS professionals can identify and overcome the common hurdles to introducing and rolling out the right solution for their organization. We’ll discuss the benefits of building a business case, how to bring key stakeholders along for the ride, and the importance of employee engagement in creating an effective change.

In this session, we will cover:

  1. How should we define ‘Digitization’ within EHS;
  2. What are the common barriers faced by EHS professionals trying to digitize their practices;
  3. How can EHS professionals prepare themselves for these essential step changes; and
  4. What makes a truly compelling business case for the digitization of EHS

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