Change Makers: How to empower your employees to drive ESG strategies

Not sure where to start to drive real change in sustainability and ESG throughout your organization? The simple answer is: your people.

Your employees are the ones that will not only provide the data necessary in understanding both current and future performance, but they are also poised to be the most impactful drivers of real change. By engaging employees at all levels of the organization, you both increase their support and buy-in of ESG strategies as well as their job satisfaction. Organizations that ensure employees understand broader, company-wide sustainability agendas set themselves up for accelerated progress and transformational performance.

Using Cority’s Sustainability Committee as an example, Krystal Truax, Director of Product Management – Environmental and Sustainability Clouds and Corporate ESG Manager, will share insights on how to engage your internal teams to support sustainability initiatives.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • The benefits of forming a Sustainability Committee
  • Tactics for driving participation and engagement
  • Examples of employee-sourced sustainability-focused initiatives

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