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Independent Enterprise Carbon Management Software Research Names Cority as a Market Leader

Solution part of provider’s scalable and comprehensive EHS and Sustainability platform

Toronto, ON, August 9, 2022 – Global enterprise environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software provider, Cority, has been named a Leader in the 2022 Green Quadrant for Enterprise Carbon Management Software report, published by independent research firm, Verdantix. The new analysis, which provides a detailed fact-based comparison of the 15 most prominent carbon management software vendors in the market and their product offerings, distinguished Cority’s software from its competitors for its star performance in carbon calculation and modeling, carbon disclosure management, and net zero strategy development.

“We are extremely honored to be recognized as a leader in Verdantix’s carbon management software report,” said Mark Wallace, chief executive officer of Cority. “It’s a strong testament to the expertise and passion of our team that has been developing solutions to manage and report on air emissions for over 20 years We are thrilled to see the increased focus by Verdantix and the market.”

Previously, Cority has been recognized in the last four consecutive Verdantix’s EHS Software Green Quadrant Reports, most recently as a leader in EHS Software in 2021’s report. Specifically, Cority was ranked as a leader in the related air emissions and greenhouse gas compliance management categories of that year’s report.

Building off its broader EHS capabilities, Cority has demonstrated its commitment to deliver a world-class carbon management solution through investments in product innovation and strategic integrations with existing technologies. Offered as part of its comprehensive, SaaS-based responsible business platform, CorityOne, the company’s carbon management solution integrates capabilities from Cority’s Environmental, Sustainability, and Analytics Clouds.

“Through these synergies, Cority offers a well-rounded solution with competencies around data acquisition, data management, data modeling, carbon emissions calculations, net zero strategy development and implementation, carbon financial management, and management of renewable energy sourcing and contracts,” Verdantix said in its 2022 Green Quadrant report.

“Cority leverages and expands upon its EHS software capabilities to offer a powerful carbon calculation engine. While Cority has strengths in supporting North American regulations, the platform also provides emissions factors for over 100 countries, which are updated annually and can process data at a rate of 8,000 calculations per minute.”

Verdantix celebrated Cority for its superior strengths in three key areas:

  • Carbon calculation and modeling, for which it received a top score;
  • Carbon disclosure management;
  • And net zero strategy development.

Given these assets, the report called out Cority’s software as ideal for “buyers seeking a platform to support enterprise-wide initiatives related to carbon management” and for asset-intensive and complex sectors with a complex environmental footprint.”

“Customers that start out using Cority’s platform may choose to begin very simply; but as their business and reporting needs become more complex, or as their carbon tracking grows more sophisticated, they can be confident that they’re working with a solution that can evolve and scale right alongside them,” said Michael Couture, chief product officer at Cority.

Prominent customers already using Cority’s platform include Alliant Energy, Chevron, and American Electric Power (AEP).

Beyond saving time, improving knowledge transfer between team members, and helping meet sustainability goals, Jason Swallow, systems analyst from American Electric Power, had this to say about Cority’s carbon management solutions: “In the end, it’s about the trust that people have in the system. That’s a selling point of Cority that I really hear mentioned — it never goes down. Compared to other systems I’ve used, it’s shocking how reliable it is minute to minute.”

Although carbon management software has existed for more than 15 years, customers have largely represented a narrow segment of emissions-intensive industries seeking to ensure regulatory compliance. Today’s widespread and rapidly growing market interest has only developed in the last several years, driven by climate disclosure rules, investor pressure, and increasing public demand for voluntary reporting.

Findings of the 2022 Green Quadrant for Enterprise Carbon Management Software were based upon live briefings, desktop research, and a lengthy questionnaire covering a multitude of measurements within the areas of capability (the breadth and depth of software functionality) and market momentum (strategic success factors).

To view the 2022 Green Quadrant for Enterprise Carbon Management Software report, visit Verdantix.

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