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New Chemical Management Essentials Solution Streamlines Safety Data Sheets, Chemical Approvals to Improve Compliance, Safety

Solution incorporates industry best practices for faster time-to-value

Toronto, ON, June 1, 2022  – Organizations today face many regulatory and operational challenges when striving to comply with workplace health and safety regulations. Some of the common challenges are hazard communication, chemical management, tracking the lifecycle of a chemical portfolio, and ensuring employees across the organization have easy access to all pertinent hazard information—both present and past. To meet this need and to advance the health and safety of workplaces worldwide, Cority, a leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) software provider, announced the availability of its Chemical Management Essentials solution.

Like all of Cority’s Essentials Solutions, this innovative software package provides built-in best practices and standards, enabling faster time-to-value for customers. Cority’s Chemical Management Essentials helps organizations manage chemical data, maintain a library of updated safety data sheets (SDS), and make informed decisions about what materials to bring on-site.

“Reliance on stacks of hard-copy binders that contain data potentially going back decades and across multiple facilities render accurate reporting almost impossible to achieve with any confidence,” said Arten Charles, Cority Solutions Manager. “Our solution takes all of a company’s SDS information and indexes it digitally for at-a-glance visualization and analysis. Since it can grow with a company’s needs, the software is also a great starting point for any organization that does not already have a system in place.”

Chemical Management Essentials can get clients operational in weeks, providing organizations with a user-friendly solution that can be modified as their business changes and grows.

Key benefits of the cloud-based solution include the ability to:

  • Provide access to hazard and chemical information. Ensuring an organization’s workforce has access to readily available information on SDS and critical hazard information is crucial to their ability to safely perform their job functions.
  • Maintain accurate SDS e-binders. Companies can easily collect and access critical chemical information for thousands of locations, run site-specific reports and analyses, compile summary sheets, and produce secondary container labels.
  • Reduce risk. By extending SDS management, Cority’s solution empowers teams to make informed decisions about what chemicals to bring on-site and which ingredients to use in their products. In addition to reducing on-site and in-product risk, Cority’s solution also streamlines the evaluation of chemicals by enabling the easy identification of restricted chemicals and minimizing their risk for penalties.
  • Improve efficiency. Employees can track and search products by trade name, chemical name, or ingredient to save staff time with quick access to important chemical documents. Organizations can also easily generate out-of-the-box reports, worker safety documents, and labels.
  • Stay compliant. From storing and updating SDSs, properly labeling secondary containers, screening and evaluating new materials before bringing them onsite, and communicating hazards, organizations can be sure they are in compliance with standards and regulations including OSHA, GHS, REACH, RoHS, and more.

Chemical Essentials is also part of CorityOne™, the company’s integrated EHS SaaS-based platform, which provides a scalable and seamless path for future growth and consists of a comprehensive suite of solutions for managing environmental, health, safety, sustainability, and quality programs. The responsible business platform enables datasets to be combined from across the organization for realizing improved efficiencies, data-driven decision-making, and more accurate reporting. Building on an organization’s chemical management program, clients can easily unify all their EHS initiatives into a single comprehensive platform to uncover key insights and create a single, accurate, and holistic view of EHS performance.

“What sets us apart is that we provide our customers the ability to evolve and grow their EHS management systems into an integrated solution that spans all EHS operations and compliance categories,” said Amanda Smith, vice president of Solutions Marketing & Enablement. “CorityOne reduces the burden of managing multiple solutions and improves access to information by compiling all of a company’s data in a single digital home.”

Chemical Management Essentials is a standardized version of Cority’s Chemical Management Solutions software, which provides organizations with a more comprehensive, customizable approach to their chemical management infrastructure over time.

“Cority is a huge time saver. It’s a very efficient software process for managing inventories, for managing safety data sheets, for regulatory prescreening. It’s just been very helpful on a day-to-day basis for maintaining our safety data sheets and inventories,” said Mary Magerkurth, environmental, health & safety specialist with Entegris.

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