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Medgate Now With Vitalograph Spirotrac® V Interface

Medgate Vitalograph InterfaceMedgate, the leading global provider of occupational health and safety (OHS) software, has announced a partnership with Vitalograph, a company that develops, manufactures and markets respiratory diagnostic and monitoring devices for the global market. At the partnership’s core is a direct interface between Medgate’s Pulmonary Function Testing software module and Vitalograph’s Spirotrac® V spirometer software.

Occupational health practitioners regularly use spirometers to perform pulmonary function tests and monitor the lung health of their employees. Organizations using both Medgate and Spirotrac® V can now take advantage of an interface that allows data captured from the spirometer to be seamlessly transferred to the Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) module in Medgate’s Occupational Health Software Suite.

Within the PFT module, the practitioner can review results, add details to the record as needed, and perform various actions. The recorded data will appear on the employee’s electronic medical history in Medgate’s Medical Chart module, and can be shared with Safety / Industrial Hygiene as appropriate via the Respirator Fit Testing module.

“We are pleased to partner with Vitalograph to streamline pulmonary function testing, an important activity for occupational health clinics,” states Stan Marsden, Chief Technology Officer and EVP of Medgate Inc. “By eliminating manual data entry, the interface ensures test results are accurately recorded and enables practitioners to be more efficient. Both of these benefits are of paramount importance to Medgate’s customers.”

“Vitalograph are delighted to partner with Medgate,” agrees Tony Freeborn, International Business Development Manager at Vitalograph. “As a leading provider of outstanding quality cardio-respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trials and medical equipment servicing, Vitalograph are fully aware of the need for the maintenance of accurate medical test results. The interface between Spirotrac V and Medgate allows for the smooth transfer of data directly and accurately into Medgate’s pulmonary function software module”

Occupational health professionals will have the opportunity to learn more about Vitalograph’s products and the Medgate interface at the Medgate User Group Conference in Philadelphia this September. Vitalograph is one of a handful of carefully selected exhibitors that will be present to discuss their solutions with delegates.

Medgate’s Pulmonary Function Testing Module

Part of the Medgate Occupational Health Software Suite, the Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT) module is used to track and record employee pulmonary function tests. Practitioners can review results, add notes, select best test, capture details of the equipment used, track predicted values, and automatically calculate interpretation. Smoking history, symptoms, and restrictions can also be tracked.

Vitalograph’s Spirotrac® V software

Spirotrac® V Software combines the power of your PC, network and spirometer. Spirotrac V is compatible with a range of Vitalograph spirometers, each designed to meet your particular spirometry needs. If you prefer a PC-based spirometer the Pneumotrac is the one to choose. For a hand held spirometer the In2itive is ideal. The Alpha Touch is best if you need a touch screen desktop spirometer.

All Vitalograph spirometers feature a Fleisch Pneumotachograph for ultimate performance in accurate, linear and reliable flow and volume measurement.