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Alberta Health Services goes live province-wide with Cority

Cority is excited to announce that Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the latest organization to start using its environmental health and safety software.

Alberta Health Services is the single health authority for the Canadian province of Alberta. With around 117,000 employees across 400 facilities, it serves a population of more than 3.5m people. AHS is the fifth largest single employer in Canada and the largest health authority.

All AHS employees will be able to track their record history, view appointments and report incidents using Cority Health Cloud. AHS will use Cority’s medical clinic software to react quickly to trends and resolve them before they become wider issues. Now that they use a single platform for their multiple sites, they are able to leverage a depth and breadth of reporting that was previously impossible. Thanks to the highly configurable nature of the Cority platform, they have been able to support complex workflows in their safety and occupational health departments, automating risk assessment, simplifying case management and streamlining immunizations.

Cority leverages its cutting-edge SaaS-based technology and broad EHS product suite to partner with organizations around the world to effect meaningful change in the way environmental, health, and safety is managed. Cority stands by its customers as they attain performance goals, reduce EHS risks, enhance corporate productivity, and create a healthier workforce.

AHS joins a list of over 300 organizations who use Cority to centralize, streamline and standardize occupational health and safety management.