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Medgate Announces New Partnership With Enhesa

Medgate and Enhesa have announced a new partnership to help clients better manage compliance with Environmental, Health and Safety regulations. Medgate clients can now access Enhesa’s comprehensive global regulatory database from within Medgate’s SaaS EHS management platform.

A big concern for environmental management professionals is ensuring compliance in jurisdictions across the globe. Using Enhesa, Medgate’s multinational clients can access up-to-date information from Medgate’s Safety and Environmental Management products as well as health and safety software which provide management of permits, audits, inspections, risk assessments, incidents, and compliance tasks.

Medgate’s Director of Product Management, John Easton, said: “We’re delighted to be able to partner with the leading global regulatory content provider. Enhesa’s content covers jurisdictions globally in the local languages which will be a big help to our many multinational clients with users around the world.”

Medgate leverages its cutting-edge SaaS-based technology and broad EHS product suite to partner with organizations around the world to effect meaningful change in the way environmental, health, and safety is managed. Medgate helps its customers to attain performance goals, reduce EHS risks, enhance corporate productivity, and create a healthier workforce. The company has received many accolades for its strong employee culture and outstanding growth rate including recognition as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

ENHESA is the market leader in global environmental, health and safety compliance assurance providing support to businesses worldwide. They leverage our unique knowledgebase utilizing our in-house team of over 75 dedicated EHS regulatory analysts from more than 40 different countries to provide insights and analysis regarding EHS regulatory developments from around the world. Enhesa provides this key regulatory intelligence for over 200 jurisdictions around the world in an easy to understand manner.