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Inaugural Public Sustainability Report Furthers Cority’s Commitment to its Customers and the Global Community

Initiative reflects organization’s dedication to sharing its customers’ reporting journey

Toronto, ON, July 28, 2022Cority, a leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) software provider that equips other organizations to track and accurately report on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, is amplifying the accounting of its own sustainability initiatives by publishing its first external report using the same digital tools it develops and maintains for customers. The formal Sustainability Report, enabled by Cority software and released in June, is the latest in Cority’s organization-wide commitment to sustainability.

“Companies of our size and nature rarely have a formal sustainability reporting process in place,” said Michael Couture, Cority’s chief product officer and the executive sponsor of its Sustainability Committee. “However, our employees are not only passionate about the sustainability of our business but also have a wealth of knowledge in the space and a desire to truly understand our customers’ needs. Creating more structure to our sustainability practices and sharing our impact publicly came directly from the passion of our team.”

Cority followed two well-established sustainability frameworks – GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) – and used its own Sustainability Management solution to collect and analyze data against those recognized standards. The 17-page report provides information about Cority’s core values, fundraising efforts, water consumption, waste management, greenhouse gas emissions, risk management, and employee diversity and advancement opportunities.

“This report is a detailed overview of our performance in the E, S, and G categories, comparing data against these particular global standards publicly for the first time,” said Krystal Truax, Cority’s director of product management and corporate ESG manager for its Sustainability Committee.

Cority, which has 35 years of experience working with organizations in a diverse range of industries worldwide, consists of over 440 diverse employees who speak 20 languages and work out of six countries, most often remotely.

“We understand that especially for our clients that are new to a formalized sustainability-focused program, it can be daunting to know how to start,” Truax said. “Just like our customers, we had to ask ourselves: How do we engage employees and make this a collaborative effort? How do we show internal and external stakeholders the value of what we’re doing? How logistically do we begin the process?

“It’s one thing to tell customers that they should do X, Y, and Z; it’s another to be able to show them you’ve also taken the journey.”

Cority’s findings in the report include:

  • Zero data breaches;
  • 62 percent employee engagement, with 100 percent focused on sustainability;
  • Growth that saw 46 percent minority movements and promotions and 46 percent female movements and promotions.

With fewer employees working from Cority offices than normal during the reporting period due to COVID-19 social distancing safety measures, Cority is interested in addressing the potential impact of a primarily remote workforce in 2022. Among other next steps for improvement across the board, the organization plans to explore the impact of this remote workforce on their sustainability commitments using the current data as a comparison next year.

Importantly, the report is a formal result following Cority’s announcement in March that the company was adding sustainability to its core values and creating a 10-member, employee-operated Sustainability Committee to integrate the value throughout company culture and operations. The committee was responsible for producing the report.

“The takeaway here is even though we’re not a huge company, we understand the broader sustainability picture and that we have a role to play,” Truax said. “We’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to how do we do better, how do we make better software, how do we empower our customers more. This latest initiative aligns with that commitment.”

Cority will repeat its sustainability reporting annually.

Media Contact: Meredith Schweitzer / / 347-698-9196