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Medgate Enhances its Enterprise-grade EHS Platform with Enterprise Data Gateway

Gateway simply and securely connects EHS data sources to any analytics or reporting platform so   clients can gain crucial insights faster and more efficiently

Toronto, ON (Nov 23, 2016) – Medgate, the global leader in providing enterprise-grade, SaaS-based Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) risk management solutions has given clients the ability to further automate and enrich data, reporting and analytical functions from its market-leading EHS Software with seamless and secure integration to any external enterprise data solution.

Medgate clients can now easily and automatically access and analyze Medgate EHS data in combination with other enterprise data sources, including HR, Finance or Operations data. When EHS data is combined with other critical data sets, organizations can gain deeper insights for better decision making. The Enterprise Data Gateway makes it easier to work with data in other tools, for example clients will be able to access Medgate data in real-time in Excel, data visualization solutions, big data platforms or other leading business intelligence tools.

The shift in EHS from a focus on lagging to leading indicators has faced many challenges, but the opportunities for proactive and predictive action hold much promise. Extracting, cleaning, understanding and loading relevant data from across the enterprise quickly and efficiently has been one of the greatest challenges.  Enterprise Data Gateway addresses these challenges in several ways:

  • Rapid, secure integration – pre-defined integration using standard documented interfaces and tools based on the Open Data Protocol (OData). Data is sent using a RESTful API over HTTPS so that data is encrypted and never at risk.
  • Full automation and control over the data source and timeliness – Clients can preview and select any existing reports from within Medgate ensuring quality data with complete control over how often the data is refreshed.
  • New insights through real-time analysis and visualization of enterprise-wide data – Combining all relevant enterprise data sheds light on previously unseen trends, enabling proactive action and better EHS outcomes.

“Unlocking the value of EHS data is crucial for EHS professionals to transform their approach from reactive to proactive action.” Said Stan Marsden, EVP, Chief Technology Officer at Medgate. “Enterprise Data Gateway facilitates that transformation by quickly and efficiently enabling the combination of critical EHS data into the mainstream analytical tools and processes in the broader enterprise.”

Enterprises Data Gateway is available now. You can learn more at