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GFG Alliance Named Finalist in EHS Innovation Awards EMEA 2024 by Independent Research Firm

By using Cority’s transformative fully integrated Safety Cloud platform, international business group selected as finalists for prestigious award.

Toronto, ON, June 17th, 2024 – Cority, the leading global environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software provider, is pleased to announce that its customer, GFG Alliance, a global collection of industrial businesses focused on mining, steel and energy has been honored as a finalist in the Verdantix EHS Innovation Awards EMEA 2024.

This prestigious nomination recognizes GFG’s exceptional progress in safety performance improvement, guided by an unwavering commitment to protecting the health and well-being of its worldwide workforce of 35,000 employees spanning over 30 countries, achieved through a transformative EHS program developed in close partnership with Cority.

A cornerstone of GFG’s success strategy has been the adoption of the myCority platform . By putting user-friendly reporting tools directly into the hands of frontline workers, GFG has dramatically increased its engagement. In just three months post-deployment, GFG field-level employees submitted a remarkable 25,000 event and/or hazard reports – nearly 300 per day. This level of participation has enabled rapid prioritization of hazards, resulting in swift mitigation and the prevention of potential incidents.

GFG Alliance firmly believes that one injury or illness is one too many. Their proactive approach is rooted in their core belief that “every employee should be able to return home fit and well at the end of each workday”. This philosophy drives their four-pillar EHS strategy, which is focused on health and wellbeing, critical incident prevention, continuous performance improvement, and a culture of trust.

To translate this mission into tangible safety gains, GFG Alliance sought a technology partner capable of unifying their diverse EHS programs and streamlining processes enterprise-wide. Cority’s expertise in EHS software made them an ideal choice. Cority’s platform equipped GFG with the tools needed to empower employees, gain actionable insights from data, and drive a cultural shift towards proactive safety ownership.

“We needed a partner that understood the complexities of a global industrial operation,” said Karen Smith, Systems Improvement Analyst, GFG Alliance. “Cority’s adaptable solutions allowed us to tailor a program that addresses the unique safety needs of each business unit while maintaining a centralized view of our overall EHS performance.”

This project was a first-of-its-kind initiative where GFG teams used the Cority platform to engage the front-line workforce in the EHS program. This empowered individuals with tools to enhance cross-team collaboration and facilitate early risk detection and resolution through mobile-enabled event reporting, hazard observations, inspections, and corrective actions. The introduction of the configurable, multi-language mobile app also allowed GFG to meaningfully integrate its contractors into the EHS workflows for the first time. This integration ensures that critical data from CRM, ERP, and HR solutions can be easily combined with EHS data to support compliance reporting. Moreover, the combined insight from multiple systems enables moment-by-moment monitoring of key performance indicators to create a culture of accountability needed for EHS performance excellence.

GFG Alliance’s safety journey continues to reap rewards. Their success led to the World Steel Association’s Safety Culture and Leadership award in 2023, recognizing a significant 63% improvement in total recordable frequency rate and a 30% reduction in critical life-threatening incidents since 2021. GFG is a testament to the transformative power of technology and unwavering commitment to fostering a truly safe work environment for all.

“The speed and scale of performance improvement that GFG Alliance has been able to realize since partnering with Cority is simply astounding. By empowering their team members with better tools and data, GFG has been able to show remarkable results- whether that’s safer at-work behaviors, fewer incidents, or greater operational accountability- all of which are key ingredients to exceptional performance.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with a partner that’s so fully committed to reaching safety success, and we sincerely congratulate them on this well-deserved nomination,” said Tanya Jenke, director of customer success at Cority.

About GFG Alliance GFG Alliance is a leading international industrial group, bringing together a diverse portfolio of businesses under its umbrella. Operating across more than 30 countries with a workforce of 35,000, GFG Alliance boasts a significant global footprint. Their core strength lies in the synergy between their industry-leading brands: Liberty Steel Group, ALVANCE Aluminum Group, and SIMEC Energy Group. With a collective revenue of USD $20 billion, GFG Alliance is a prominent player in the global industrial landscape.

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