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Cority’s Compliance Management Solution Wins Inaugural Industrial Hygiene Award

Independent panel of judges recognizes Cority’s unified solution for its ability to manage all aspects of compliance across the enterprise

Toronto – April 1, 2021 – Cority, the leading global enterprise environmental, health, and safety (EHS) software provider, today announced its Compliance Management solution has received an Industrial Hygiene Award from Occupational Health & Safety in the Auditing & Compliance Software category.

The inaugural Industrial Hygiene Awards honor outstanding product development achievements of health and safety manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve industrial hygiene.

“The safety industry continues to see more innovative and robust products and services added to the market each year. This contest is just one of the many ways we have highlighted outstanding industrial hygiene products,” said Sydny Shepard, Editor, Occupational Health & Safety. “It is our hope in these continuously trying times that the Industrial Hygiene Awards will bring more information, awareness and safety to employers and employees.”

Trusted by some of the world’s leading companies and government agencies, Cority’s comprehensive Compliance Management solution provides organizations with a complete picture of their compliance obligations from a single, unified platform – empowering business leaders with a single source of truth to manage actions necessary to reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Cority’s Compliance Management solution spans the following capabilities across environmental, health, safety, and quality functions for a 360-degree view of compliance across the enterprise:

Applicability – transform regulatory compliance from reactive to proactive with purpose-built tools to assess the applicability of regulations to your operations.

Legal and Other Requirements – build a detailed registry of all regulatory and corporate requirements and create and monitor compliance actions related to these requirements.

Permits – monitor compliance of operations to specific permit requirements issued by regulatory authorities. Connect legal requirements to permits, create and monitor actions, and strengthen record keeping to demonstrate permit compliance to inspectors.

Audits and Inspections – create, standardize, and manage all audit and inspection activities in a single, unified solution. Create, assign, and monitor completion of one-time and recurring compliance actions and any associated corrective actions easily and effectively.

Compliance Calendar – maintain a centralized view of all compliance actions, their statuses, and associated requirements in one place to ensure critical tasks are completed promptly.

Business Intelligence and Analytics – leverage robust analytics tools to track performance, unearth key trends to drive smarter decision-making, and share these insights with key stakeholders in real-time with advanced reports and dashboards.

“We’re proud to be recognized by Occupational Health & Safety for our unified compliance management software,” said Michael Couture, Chief Product Officer, Cority. “Keeping in compliance is more critical than ever, and our solution enables organizations to take the guesswork out of meeting compliance reporting obligations so they can focus on what’s most important and empower better performance.”