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Cority Receives CNDA Certification Allowing Clients to Streamline Regulatory Injury Reporting and Support Compliance Management in France

New certification differentiates Cority as a key EHS software partner for businesses operating in France

Paris – February 11, 2021 – Cority, the global enterprise EHS software provider that empowers those who transform the way the world works, today announced it has received certification from the Centre National de Dépôt et d’Agrément (CNDA). This certification enables customers to integrate Cority’s comprehensive, SaaS-based safety management software solution with French authorities to streamline the submission of employer incident declarations following a workplace injury or illness.

Under French law, when an employee suffers an injury or illness at work that results in medical attention or lost time, the employer is required to report that incident to the applicable Primary Health Insurance Fund within 48 hours of the incident using a designated CERFA report. Employers can submit these reports via fax or mail, or through an online portal administered by the Groupement d’intérêt public Modernisation des déclarations sociales (GIP-MDS). Failure to report work injuries in a timely manner can expose employers to regulatory citations and other penalties.

While many employers utilize software to simplify the collection and reporting of workplace incident data, software vendors need to receive CNDA certification to enable them to integrate their solutions directly with the GIP-MDS online portal. 

Such integrations offer immense benefits to French employers by streamlining and simplifying regulatory reporting. Employers eliminate the need to transcribe injury data from their internal EHS software into the GIP-MDS portal, or create, print and fax CERFA reports from their solution. Instead, the integration allows reporting to be fulfilled with simple drag & drop functionality, reducing administrative time and effort, and offering employers greater peace of mind knowing that the risk of regulatory non-compliance is effectively controlled.

“While this certification represents a significant value-add for French employers, we mustn’t underemphasize the value it offers to workers as well”, said Tjeerd Hendel-Blackford, International Sales Manager at Cority. “More streamlined reporting leads to more efficient case management and better return to work outcomes for employees who suffer injuries or illnesses at work. We’re very proud to be the first global EHS software provider to offer this unique capability to clients to strengthen their compliance management efforts.”

To learn more, visit Cority’s safety and incident management solutions.