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Toyota Engineering, Manufacturing America, Shaw Industries Group, and Westmoreland Coal Among Industry Leaders Pioneering Analytics with Medgate to Improve EHSQ Outcomes

Launched at the Verdantix Summit, Medgate’s transformative Analytics Program sees breakthrough initial Safety findings from over 1.5 million safety events and 6.5 million employees.

Houston, TXMay 16, 2017 – Medgate Inc., the global leader in enterprise-grade, SaaS-based Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) information and risk management solutions announced today its comprehensive Analytics Program with encouraging initial results in worker safety data correlations and predictive models.

The Analytics Program is multi-phased with an initial focus on safety and includes an Advisory Committee of organizations committed to improving EHSQ program outcomes, including Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Whiting Petroleum, Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Westmoreland Coal Company, Shaw Industries Group, Inc., Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing America (TEMA), and Seattle City Light.

Over 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries were reported by private employers in 2015. Each lost time injury costs approximately $100,000; employers pay over $1 billion each week for direct workers’ compensations costs. Safety programs have evolved to address these challenges in ways such as employee portals and mobile apps to make it easier for safety professionals to analyze and improve their programs. However, many safety professionals remain frustrated because while they have access to the data, they don’t have the time or know-how to analyze it. Early analytics programs have been stymied by the lack of data science resources, inconsistencies in aggregated data, or sparseness of data about rare events like injuries or fatalities.

Medgate’s Analytics Program takes a data science discipline to deliver new insights into EHSQ data across a very large and highly consistent data set, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of analytics. The goal is to provide the right insight to the right person at the right time to enable proactive interventions at a program or individual level.

“To be able to predict deficiencies on a safety program will enable safety professionals to address those deficiencies before an injury happens,” said Sergio Andrade, CSP, CHMM, MsP, CRSO, Safety Manager at Southern Star. “This is the ultimate goal for any Safety Professional.”

“Medgate’s push into the predictive analytics space tightly aligns with desire of safety managers to better leverage the increasing amounts of data they are able to gather. The growing Advisory Committee will be a critical factor in deriving maximum value and utility from these insights, and will only serve to strengthen Medgate’s offering overall,” said Verdantix Industry Analyst Trevor Bronson.  “The influx of EHS data points available to safety leaders is creating an environment wherein there are countless insights available, but a lack of resources to uncover or act upon them. Medgate’s push into predictive analytics is a great step towards correcting this issue for their clients by allowing them to optimize safety performance long before an issue arises.”

The first phases of the Analytics Program are already generating encouraging results according to Medgate Analytics Product Manager David Vuong, “Our preliminary models are already showing substantially higher accuracy in identifying high risk scenarios versus the baseline. While our initial focus is on safety incidents, as we look forward, we intend to provide recommended actions at the strategic company level, the operational site level, and ultimately and the employee level across EHSQ.”

Medgate investor Georgian Partners is a contributor to the Program. Georgian Partners brings deep expertise in applied analytics in multiple industries and works with portfolio companies to accelerate their programs, such as Kinnser Software who pioneered predictive analytics to reduce re-hospitalization in the home care industry.

Parinaz Sobhani, Director of Machine Learning at Georgian Partners said, “Our thesis for investing in Medgate was based on the great potential we see for applied analytics to transform the EHSQ industry, along with their deep EHSQ domain expertise and the trust that their tier one client base puts in them to manage their most sensitive data. Analytics and machine learning hold so much promise for EHSQ, but having the right combination of rich and consistent data, with data science skills, and industry expertise is essential for success.”