EHS Leaders Guide to Digital Transformation in the Utility Industry

Digital transformation in the utility industry plays a vital role in the resilience, adaptability and survival of businesses today and into the future. For functions like EHS that manage complex data, processes, and system integration a unified SaaS software platform is an essential foundation for transforming performance. It provides integrated data and workflows, a predictable total cost of ownership and reduced burden from managing multiple solutions.

Digitizing processes increases efficiency in a variety of ways. It fosters communication, promotes information sharing across teams, and increases visibility throughout operations. It empowers an organization to turn information into insights and make data-driven decisions that connect strategy and performance results.

Like many organizations, utility companies are realizing the investment value and power of technology to collect, track, measure, analyze, and leverage their data.

EHS teams at utility companies manage thousands of tasks and data points in order to stay in compliance, avoid fines, meet sustainability goals, and ultimately provide critical services in a safe, reliable, and environmentally responsible way.

As a business partner to more than 70 utility companies, including some of the largest utility companies in America, we understand the unique EHS challenges utility companies face. We know and appreciate how much effort it takes to generate power, keep the lights on, water running, and gas flowing.

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