Quality Management Insights from US Tsubaki

US Tsubaki leverages quality management software to ensure quality management excellence across the enterprise.

This post covers how US Tsubaki Power Transmission leverages enterprise quality management software to elevate the company’s quality to new heights.

US Tsubaki‘s Enterprise Quality Management Software Success Story

Before we dive into US Tsubaki’s success story, let’s take a quick look at how enterprise quality management software takes a unified, seamless approach to managing these 12 global quality processes:

  • Nonconformance and CAPA
  • Document control
  • Change management and ECN
  • Audit management
  • Inspection and SPC
  • Supplier performance
  • PPAP and first article inspection
  • Customer complaint tracking
  • FMEA, control plans and process flow
  • Employee training
  • Gauge calibration
  • Equipment maintenance

Altogether, these processes comprise the core functions of Cority’s Quality Cloud, which has been designed for quality professionals by quality professionals to build a seamless user experience and streamline quality management across the enterprise.

If you’ve grown accustomed to disparate quality software that does not provide a user-friendly experience, Cority offers a better solution to manage corporate quality via real-time reporting, personalized work spaces, and actionable analytics to provide you with a single source of truth when you need it most.

Now, back to US Tsubakis journey to quality excellence.

Founded in 1971, US Tsubaki is the the top producer of chains in the world with 10 manufacturing facilities in the United States alone. To address persistent quality management pain points and solidify its commitment to quality, dependability, and customer service, the company teamed up with Cority.

US Tsubaki’s Quality Management Pain Points

Before implementing enterprise quality management software, US Tsubaki’s quality measurements consisted of many different systems with different software for different processes. The previous quality software had been poorly configured and managed; the company still used paper-driven processes; and electronic documents were housed in silos of applications with no single source of truth.

Moreover, this lackluster integration of primary quality processes resulted in inconsistent reporting that allowed quality issues to slip between the cracks. The company needed a new way to address these problems across multiple facilities around the world. In total, US Tsubaki operates in over 70 countries, which gives you an idea of the task at hand.

Cority’s Quality Cloud: Benefits of EQMS in Action

US Tsubaki was able to align the company’s strategic objectives with Cority’s capabilities. The biggest improvements were the result of:

  • Managing customer complaints more efficiently
  • Better document control and employee training
  • Holistic reporting and analytics

Quality Management Software Implementation Pro Tip: US Tsubaki’s quality management team also noted the importance of winning buy-in from top management and why IT and quality must work together closely during implementation.

Summing Up

Overall, US Tsubaki’s deployment of Cority’s software proved to be an incredible success story. By working together, Cority and US Tsubaki were able to demonstrate how a sound partnership can leverage the power of EQMS.