Minimize Your Company’s Carbon Footprint with Environmental Management Software

Minimize Your Company's Carbon Footprint with Environmental Management Software

These days, we’re all thinking about our carbon footprint. Every day, we have to consider what decisions we make and how they impact the environment, from the clothes we wear to the food we eat to how we get to work every day.

But the daily environmental concerns of the average person pale in comparison to the concerns of a corporation. With numerous people, machines, vehicles, and locations all under their umbrella, businesses have a dizzying amount of ecological impact points to consider.

On an individual level, we can rely a lot on common sense and a little research to reduce our footprint. But at the corporate level, you need environmental management software to help you see the way to a greener future.

photo of engineering managing waste using Environmental Management Software

Enterprise Software Solutions for Waste Management

When it comes to being eco-friendly, there are just too many things to keep track of in your head. It’s not just about ensuring regulatory compliance, but also about all of the little ways you could be greener, which add up over time. It’s about looking at emissions, and waste, and employee behaviour and finding ways to improve them, then implementing programs to make those changes.

Let’s consider one of the biggest environmental issues: waste. We all dream of living in a zero-waste society, but the truth is we’re a long way away, and there’s a lot of industrial processes that result in unavoidable waste. How can environmental management software help you?

Your primary concern is probably hazardous waste. You want to know that you’re in line with government regulations for the management, storage, and disposal of any hazmat your business produces. EHS software can help you standardize, document, track and manage your waste.

photo of two engineers managing waste samples using Environmental Management Software

By centrally tracking all of the relevant waste requirements for your industry, you can easily demonstrate compliance and submit any necessary reports in the correct format.

Closely monitoring your waste can also help you identify problems early on. If you see a sudden spike in waste production that isn’t in line with increased activity, you’ll have the opportunity to discover whether you’ve got an equipment malfunction or if user error is at play.

Environmental management software also manages your waste containers for you. From reminding you of when containers need to be inspected, to sending notifications of when waste is being transported, to tracking individual containers on their way to be properly disposed, you’ll have every facet of containment and disposal covered.

As with any facet of doing business, reports are also a major concern. It’s not enough to be on top of waste management, you have to be able to demonstrate your success. EHS software can help you by creating the proper official reports for governmental purposes, as well as corporate-friendly reports to send up the chain of command or for presenting to shareholders.


Waste management is just one part of your footprint. The right environmental management software can help you with that and so many others, so that your corporation can be on the path to a greener future.