Half of the Top 10 “Most Sustainable Companies in Germany” Rely on WeSustain as a Software Partner

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In the exclusive ranking “The 200 most sustainable companies in Germany 2021” by the stern editorial team and the market research company Statista, five WeSustain (now Cority) software customers – including Allianz, Merck and Talanx – are in the top 10 of the most sustainable companies in Germany 2021.

In a recent ranking, the insurance group Allianz has been rated as Germany’s most sustainable company in 2021 by the stern editorial team and the market research company Statista. In addition to the ranking leader Allianz, another four companies and software customers of Cority – including the pharmaceutical company Merck and the insurance group Talanx from Hanover – secured a place in the top 10 of the ranking. All five companies and Cority customers use the Enterprise Sustainability Management (ESM) software for their sustainability management, which was analyzed and evaluated as part of the ranking along 30 key figures in the three categories of environmental, social and economic. In addition, an online panel was used to survey the perception of sustainability in relation to the companies by 13,000 citizens.

Our customers rely on Cority as a software partner for the professionalization of their sustainability management because they build collaborative and digital processes with us and thus effectively manage and implement their sustainability projects. In doing so, they lay the foundation for transparent communication and effective sustainability performance. We are very pleased that five of our customers have received recognition for their efforts in the top 10 rankings of the stern editorial team and Statista,” emphasizes Dr. Manfred Heil, Managing Director at Cority.

Stern magazine and the market research company Statista compared a total of 2,000 companies based in Germany in terms of their sustainability performance for the ranking. The premise for this was that the company employed at least 500 people, was one of the companies with the highest turnover in Germany or was listed in an index in the Dax family. The arms industry was excluded from the ranking, as were companies with greenhouse gas emissions of more than ten million tons. A total of 200 companies were able to qualify for the ranking.


This article highlights organizations that used sustainability software solutions by WeSustain, which was acquired by Cority Software in 2021. Cority has a strong track record of incorporating acquired solutions into its suite of leading EHS & ESG software to ensure current and future customers continue to benefit from the original software solutions while gaining enhancements from ongoing support and development of the technology.