How an EHS Management System Can Benefit Your Company

EHS Management Software

You’ve invested considerable time, money, and resources into ensuring your company is the best it can be, and you want to be certain that you can reach the goals you have for success in a timely manner. But how do you know for sure that you’re on the right track? While there are no ironclad guarantees in the competitive world of business, being proactive about risk management is one tried-and-true method to optimize your chances of making strong progress, while helping you avoid critical setbacks. The right EHS management system can strengthen what your organization is doing behind the scenes and empower you to continually set your best foot forward as a company. Let’s review just a few of the benefits you can reap when you incorporate safety management software into your business strategy!

Use Your Data to Create a Results-Focused Approach

If you’re not using an EHS management system to log and track the safety incidents that occur while your workers are on the job, you are likely to be missing out on key pieces of information that could help you strengthen your business practices. Without the right data, you have no way of knowing whether or not your policies and procedures are effective, and your ability to assess successes and failures is considerably more limited. Are you getting the results you had projected and targeted? Did a particular strategic change help or hinder your risk management systems, or lead to a decrease in safety incidents? Are there trends in your data that you could be missing simply because your operation is lacking the right software for reporting out? By using an EHS management system and being able to efficiently log, track, and assess your incidents, you’re able to make the decisions that matter at the right time, based on your actual data and not just guesswork. Cority’s system is user-friendly even for staff without technical experience, offering an intuitive interface that’s easy to use at any experience level. You can make decisions with confidence, and correct any issues before they become serious threats to the company’s future.

Time is Money – Prevent High Administrative Overhead Costs

Operations and overhead costs can be an ongoing nuisance for many businesses, and we’re all aware of the importance of keeping those expenses to a minimum in order to help your business thrive. The less you have to spend on fixed administrative costs, the more your profit margin can grow over time. Upgrading to a modern EHS management system saves administrative time and expense, lowering your overhead costs while freeing your staff to focus on the other important tasks that keep the company moving forward. With better risk management, there will be fewer incidents that cause lag time, unforeseen delays, and setbacks to your deliverables. Having a structured system in place will provide you and your leadership team with the information you need to help employees work as efficiently and safely as possible, without the increased downtime caused by incidents on the job. The myCority platform can make it even easier for team members on the go, with a selection of mobile apps that work on any device for convenient, up-to-date reporting. With less time spent on risk management, there is more time to focus on what makes your business great and do what you do best – and more money left over for your priorities.

Better Health with Fewer Costs

Your employees are the backbone of your company; it takes a team to make your vision come to life, and you need your team to be able to perform at their best. With so many employers in the market for good workers, businesses that want to get ahead must treat their employees as their most important asset for success. Taking great care of your staff isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also simply good business. By using high quality safety management software, you’ll be able to lower risks to your employees and increase their satisfaction in the workplace. Avoiding injuries on the job will lower your workers’ compensation insurance costs, decrease expensive employee healthcare premiums, and help you avoid other fees or fines that you might incur as a result of more lax practices. Fewer unfortunate incidents mean fewer expenses that you’ll have to worry about down the line. The right EHS management system can support you in creating a team that performs well and has the support that they need to flourish in the workplace. Protecting the health and safety of your employees is protecting the future of your company.

Train and Retain Great Talent

The health and safety of your workforce isn’t the only factor to consider: Employee morale matters more than you may think! Poorly managed safety incidents in the workplace can have an extremely negative impact on morale, driving down trust in the leadership of management personnel and the company itself. Worker productivity is tied to morale, meaning that when employees lose a sense of confidence and satisfaction in their roles, their success at work will decrease as well. Not only is overall performance hindered, but employee retention rates can start to shrink when morale is low – costing you countless hours in talent searches, employment screenings, HR, and new worker training. Don’t lose your best talent over incidents that are preventable. Instead, make sure that your systems and processes are up to date, using an EHS management system to analyze and report on the trends in your workplace.

By maintaining excellent tracking and reporting, you can also take strides in improving the quality of safety and risk management training you’re able to offer your employees – creating a stronger, more informed team. With Cority’s solutions, you can identify key risks, trends, and problem areas to create targeted trainings and educate your workforce. Plus, our software can track employees through their career paths – from their first day of onboarding to each step up the ladder, and automatically flag required courses and skills to ensure your staff is always up-to-date with the latest information needed for their role.

Caring for Your Equipment

Strong risk management practices can also help you protect another one of your most important business assets: Your equipment. Manufacturing equipment never comes cheap, and even normal wear and tear can take a considerable toll on your expensive machinery over time. Just like safety incidents can put employees at risk, they can also put your equipment at risk – potentially costing you thousands in repairs and ongoing maintenance to deal with problems that arise. The best protection, as always, is dedicated prevention! Preventing equipment damage is an essential part of ensuring your risk management strategy is complete. Using EHS risk management software can help you keep a close eye on your operations processes and procedures, empowering your management team to track and stop infractions that could grow into more serious incidents down the line.

Protecting Your Reputation Along with Your Assets

In the age of social media, a business’ reputation is more important – and yet more fragile – than ever. One ill-timed tweet or video clip can cause lasting damage and public relations headaches that won’t go away fast. After all, everything on the internet is forever. A serious incident can become so much more than a simple safety risk or equipment failure that can be dealt with in the moment; when your reputation is at stake, the consequences are potentially far-reaching. Rather than having to bend over backwards to deal with a public relations crisis that could harm the future of your company, stay informed and get ahead of any potential risks by upgrading your EHS management system and fixing any problems before they occur. Become known as a leader in your industry by having an impeccable reputation for quality and safety.

The Right Company Will Go the Extra Mile to Support You

Choosing the right business for your software needs is critical. The best company will help you achieve great things for your organization by providing the very best in trusted, reliable EHS management software for businesses like yours across the globe. A fully integrated software platform has the flexibility and capability you need to create a comprehensive approach for your business – including EHS management, OHS software, EMIS, QMS, occupational hygiene, incident management, and sustainability software solutions. Look for a technology that is built by EHS experts who understand your needs from the inside out – not from the outside looking in – enabling them to offer a perspective that makes sense to you and your teams.

EHS management software makes regulatory compliance straightforward and simple, allowing you to easily ensure that your business practices align with state/provincial, federal, and international standards. Don’t get overwhelmed by changing regulations and the bureaucratic maze – take advantage of having an expert guide! Using a central software supports standardized processes across your company’s operations, helping to eliminate knowledge gaps and inconsistencies. And by using modern business intelligence insights, you’ll be able to assess which systems are working well and take action to resolve issues before they cause problems. Get the tools you need to take your company to the next level.