The Inventory Module is part of Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite and integrates with the Immunization and Clinic Visit modules. The Inventory Module helps organizations efficiently manage their vaccine and medication inventories.

Key Features and Benefits of the Inventory Module:

This module enables occupational health departments to:

  • Track a complete inventory of vaccines and medications by health center; inventory records link vaccines and medications to health centers by lot number
  • Track initial stock and stock additions; the system will then automatically calculate the quantity in stock using the vaccine doses given and tracked in the Immunization Module and the medications dispensed and tracked through the Clinic Visit Module
  • Add new vaccine and medication lots to the corresponding inventory on the fly for an efficient and fast workflow
  • Set an inventory threshold for each vaccine and medication; when the inventory falls below the threshold, visual alerts (i.e., the module name becomes red and each inventory record that’s below the threshold is highlighted in red) will be triggered immediately notifying you to re-stock

Integration Points

The following modules in the Occupational Health Software Suite integrate with the Inventory Module:

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