The Immunization Module is part of Cority’s Occupational Health Software solution, designed by occupational health & infectious disease experts to enable you to efficiently capturing all details associated with the administration of vaccinations and medications to your employees.

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Key benefits of our Immunizations Module

This module will empower occupational health professionals to:

  • Track detailed information regarding any immunization that is administered to employees throughout the organization
  • Efficiently create and track immunization campaigns (e.g., annual flu shots clinics)
  • By integrating with our Inventory Module, manage vaccines by lot number and track expiration dates as well as quantities used/remaining
  • By integrating with our Travel Module, track all immunizations administered/declined for travel-related purposes
  • Configure immunization recalls and automatically notify employees when they are due for follow-up doses

Key Components
The features of this module fall into three groups:

Tracking Immunizations

  • Track all information relevant to immunizations in a single, centralized secure location, including:
    • Track vaccine lot numbers, associated health center, manufacturer, expiration dates, and quantities
    • Record the specific vaccines administered, including brand name and description
    • Track dosage, immunization route, and clinician administering;
    • Record any notes relating to the immunization
    • Document when an employee declines an immunization, automatically removing them from applicable recall programs
    • Capture additional comments, symptoms, allergies, medications and counterindications directly within the immunization record
    • Attach any related letters or documents to the immunization record
  • Define company-specific intervals between vaccination doses enabling the system to:
    • Automatically calculate recall dose dates based on the immunization selected and date administered
    • Notify employees when they are next due for the next immunization
  • Generate individual or batch immunization recall letters for one or more employees that can be printed/emailed to employees, supervisors, etc.
  • Track the specific vaccine administered (brand/name/description), the dosage amount, the administrator, and the reviewer (if applicable)
  • Track immunization route
  • Record any notes relating to the immunization
  • Record whether the employee declined the immunization, which will automatically remove them from the recall program and be noted on the travel record, if applicable
  • Capture results, associated comments, symptoms, etc.
  • Reference any allergies, medications or contraindications for the employee directly within the immunization record
  • Use our Questionnaire Module to assign questionnaires to one or multiple employees to collect information and/or consent ahead of any scheduled immunization

Immunization Reports

  • Leverage Cority’s advanced business intelligence tools to drill into your immunization data to reveal key insights to guide decision making and highlight immunization program performance.
  • Take advantage of a library of standard reports along with highly intuitive and configurable dashboards to track performance in real-time and act quickly to address emerging issues before they can negatively impact workforce health or operational integrity.
  • Use advanced tools to slice and dice immunization data in the dimensions you require to understand what’s happening and where you allocate resources to optimize results.

Integration Points

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Immunization module in the Occupational Health Software Solution:

Training Management Solution (for education recall activities)

Our nurses love the immunization module. It offers an easy way to capture information on vaccinations

Cedric Dumont
United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization (UNFAO)
We've been able to use Cority to track trends associated with immunizations to understand when and where we were seeing needle stick injuries. We were able to take that education back to the employees and re-educate them so those incidents wouldn't recur.

Starla Waite
Children's Hospital & Medical Center

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