[INFOGRAPH] The Role of EHS in ESG and Sustainability Programs

EHS professionals have been hearing about Sustainability and ESG programs and initiatives for quite some time now. However, not everyone knows or understands how their work is intertwined and connected to it. In fact, in a 2021 ESG and Sustainability survey conducted by Verdantix and Cority, only 12% of employees indicated that they understood how their work impacted their firm’s sustainability performance. As interests continue to rise in Sustainable and ESG investing, it’s important for EHS professionals to understand how their work not only directly impacts sustainability goals but also how their data already fulfills many of the ESG frameworks. To put this relationship into perspective, we’ve created an infographic that explains the connection between EHS and Sustainability. 

The infographic below displays some stats on the subject to help EHS professionals see more clearly how their work is heavily connected with Sustainability and ESG initiatives. This infographic covers: 

  • How ESG reporting is connected to EHS data 
  • The impact of ESG and Sustainability on corporate strategy 
  • Employee understanding of ESG and Sustainability strategy 
  • How Sustainability impacts hiring and employee retention 
  • How software is the key to EHS and ESG success 

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The Role of EHS in ESG and Sustainability webpage
As Sustainability initiatives and ESG reporting continue to be at the forefront of company agendas, so does the need for EHS professionals, reporting, and data management. Having the right software to help manage your company’s Sustainability and ESG data will ensure accurate and reliable information, and also reduce the burden and stress on your EHS workers.