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ReadySet University (RSU) is a comprehensive learning site where ReadySet users complete innovative courses designed to learn the application quickly and test the learner’s knowledge. RSU allows you to begin learning ReadySet days after your contract is signed so you receive maximum value from ReadySet fast. Hired new clinic staff? RSU courses will get them up to speed and working in your Clinic quickly. Forgot how to use a feature? It’s easy to refer back to training snips by asking “how do I”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

The Axion Health cloud-based advantage means that ReadySet is available on any device (personal computer, phone, iPad, etc.) with Internet access. This could be at home or your office. Users login to their company’s unique portal and have instant access to full ReadySet system functionality.

Web-enabled can mean many things. Make sure you understand its meaning when researching software solutions. Often it means access is only through a VPN (virtual private network). VPN-required access could limit startup speed, reduce system access, and lower data transfer rate performance.

Cloud-based access is included in our service. It is a key benefit to choosing Axion Health solutions! Cloud-based solutions offer:

  • Quick and easy implementation; less integration time means more time serving  patients
  • Real-time data access; no time lags due to nightly downloads
  • Easy access to data anywhere; a mobile platform for mobile work environments
  • Improved efficiency, compliance and consistency of care;  enriched process and reporting standardization
  • Flexible access during events; eliminates the need for  extra equipment and set up
  • Immediate upgrades without local downloads; less IT maintenance required.

With Axion Health’s cloud-based solutions, users always have access to the most up-to-date product. This provides consistency across all levels of your organization and in any location across the globe.

Because software updates are instantly accomplished in a manner that’s simultaneous and completely transparent to all users, Axion Health’s platform ensures user access to the most current solutions available.

Say goodbye to paper for good! Axion Health solutions reduce paper record keeping, double entry, file drawer  searches, and the hours of aggregating data into a report. No other employee & occupational health management solution addresses the paper nightmare and saves you as much time.


Axion Health’s ReadySet software includes a comprehensive exposure and risk database with the industry’s only workflow algorithms. These workflow algorithms analyze employee medical histories to give healthcare practitioners clinical decision support to help them develop individualized treatment programs.


As a customer recently wrote us, “Axion offers the most bang for the buck!” With our cloud-based platform, there is no need for servers, software installation, or ongoing IT support. You only pay for the subscription services you need and can add functionality at any time.

Plus, Axion Health’s implementation team is second to none. They will provide a rapid, hands-on integration that ensures you get the most effective solution possible. Lastly, data reporting is streamlined with Axion Health’s dynamic, real-time report management feature. Axion lets you get the data you need… when you need it!

There is no additional equipment to purchase, since ReadySet is a cloud-based SaaS solution. Axion Health hosts and supports the ReadySet® software.  This means minimum local IT maintenance and involvement.

Get a quote in days, not weeks! We offer a transparent, bundle approach that doesn’t “nickel and dime” you on the back end.  The Axion sales team collaborates with customers to define a custom, packaged employee health and safety (EHS) solution with trusted pricing.


Yes! The Axion Health implementation team will create an ongoing data feed from your human resources software to the ReadySet system. This data connection will automatically add new employees, update records, and inactivate access for terminated employees.


Yes! Axion Health is compatible with any USB barcode scanner. Barcode scanners provide an economic way to expedite employee health management. They eliminate manual entry of patient and inoculant information.

Axion Health solutions work with standard, off-the-shelf barcode readers, which can be purchased for as little as $40.  There is no need to purchase additional proprietary hardware or software.

Implementation Questions

Axion Health strives to minimize the disruption of your day-to-day business. The implementation process begins with a mapping of your workflow and best practices. This ensures that the software set-up and configuration accommodates your existing practices. The data integration team will then work with your IT group to create a daily feed from your HR system to the ReadySet system.

With the infrastructure established, a phased launch of the system begins. This phased launch allows sufficient time for a comfortable integration experience. Training tools include multimedia training, user guides, as well as live training experts to facilitate the learning experience.

Axion Health provides cloud-based SaaS solutions, which minimize required IT support. Axion Health solutions work through fast-paced applications that sit outside of your organization’s infrastructure — applications that Axion Health manages and maintains for its entire user base.

Organizations usually supply one part-time IT person to work with the Axion integration team to set up the HR data feed from your organization’s HR system. There may also be a need to set up lab feeds and import any legacy medical record data.

All of these operations are routinely completed by the Axion integration team, using a time-tested, established implementation process.

The average implementation for small and midsize systems is 5 weeks. The implementation and training services process begins with the integration of a single module so you can gain familiarity with the majority of the system. This graduated launch approach provides acclimation to the new management processes without upsetting the existing balance of work.

While this strategy has proven most successful in our experience, we will always support your organization’s integration needs if a more expedite approach is required.

Maintenance Questions

Yes! Axion Health’s web-based software solutions allow for easy software updates and upgrades from a centralized system by the Axion Health product maintenance team. Customers are always alerted of scheduled updates and provided with training on new features and updates.

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