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Growing the Occupational Hygiene Profession

Medgate and Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) are supporting the seventh International Control Banding Workshop which will take place at the International Occupational Hygiene Association’s annual conference – IOHA 2015.

The workshop will bring together international experts in Occupational Hygiene Management to discuss and develop control banding. Control banding is a framework used to assess and manage workplace risks.

Providing tools and technical assistance, such as the use of control banding, forms the basis of WHWB’s work in supporting the world’s two and a half billion workers employed in unhealthy and unsafe working conditions. Medgate is supporting WHWB’s programs in growing the Occupational Hygiene profession within developing and transitional economies.

Medgate President, Mark Wallace, said: “Medgate is committed to making workplaces around the world safer and healthier. But we cannot do this directly, we partner with and provide the tools to our clients – occupational hygienists, safety professionals and occupational health nurses – so that they can perform their work more effectively.”

“This workshop has equipped our industry with another great tool that is used to improve health and safety, from the most high-tech workplaces right through to where resources are scarce. Together with WHWB this is a great opportunity to grow the occupational hygiene profession.”

Medgate will be at IOHA at booth 30 in London, April 25 – 30 2015.