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Cority Releases Ground-Breaking Capabilities that Capitalize on the Emergence of the Connected Worker, Machine Data, and Predictive Analytics to Transform Safety Culture and Worker Well-Being

Toronto, ON – June 6, 2019 – Cority, the most trusted provider of environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) software, today announced new capabilities that position Cority to lead the market in enabling organizations to engage their workforce, advance holistic worker well-being programs, and move to proactive risk management by leveraging emerging technologies in the areas of mobile apps, wearables, connected edge devices, and machine learning.

Cority first released its pioneering Predictive Analytics capabilities in early 2018, developed in collaboration with a number of clients including Shaw Industries Group, Inc, Whiting Petroleum, Siemens Healthineers, Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing America (TEMA), Westmoreland Coal Company, Seattle City Light, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, and Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline.

With the latest release of its unified True SaaS platform, Cority continues to lead the EHSQ market in applying analytics to both human and machine data to empower organizations and their workers with the right insights at the right time. These advancements promise a transformative impact on how workplace health and safety programs are managed, ultimately helping EHSQ teams to better engage employees and drive operational savings.

Independent analyst firm Verdantix anticipates that the market for connected worker devices will reach $402 million in 2019 and grow at a compound annual growth rate of 13% to reach $4.3 billion by 2039.

Cority’s unique worker-centric approach ensures employees have the right information at the right time to make quick and effective decisions having the greatest impact on safety and worker well-being. Data from IoT devices (PPE, sensors) and EHS program data are combined and filtered to focus on the individual employee. Key enhancements include:

  • Open Analytics Hub – Enhanced capabilities readily connect Cority with any device, wearable, or sensor – regardless of the provider. The hub collects real-time data at enterprise-scale, powering Cority’s proprietary predictive AI models (first piloted with Fatigue Science’s Readiband™, a wearable device that measures sleep and fatigue, with fatigue data incorporated into Cority’s predictive model). Cority can also be connected to IoT Management Software solutions and bi-directionally interface EHSQ-related data and triggers with external enterprise analytics platforms.
  • Safety Culture Score – This powerful indicator aggregates inputs such as incident rates, time to close actions, and an industry best practice out-of-the-box assessment, providing insights on a visual dashboard that prescribes areas for improvement and tracks progress over time.
  • Worker Wellness in the myCority App – myCority’s mobile-first design now offers wellness indicators, which provide workers with secure access to personalized wellness insights anytime, and from anywhere. The myCority functionality has been extended to bring together data points for heart rate, physical activity, Framingham Risk Score, auditory and other sources to provide an overall rating of worker health. Cority aggregates this data, empowering organizations with a view of the overall wellness of their workforce and the ability to make informed decisions to improve programs.
  • Micro-Learnings – The Cority platform now provides enhanced contextual intelligence to the front-line worker and management by applying predictive and prescriptive analytics to data from any source to provide engaging and personalized insights via new alerts and notifications related to submitted observations, near misses, inspections and other status updates.
  • Unified Data Across EHSQ – Because Cority is a unified SaaS platform that shares data across all EHSQ solution domains, a holistic, 360-degree view of worker-centered risks is enabled. Cority now associates all hazard-related data points from workers, equipment and plants – environmental, chemical, exposure, fatigue, and other stressors – to provide individual and organization-level risk profiles. Workers can access a complete list of hazards related to their workplace and management can drive decision-making to protect employees. In addition, Cority’s data scientists can now go beyond incident-related data and leverage data from across the EHSQ spectrum – including occupational health and industrial hygiene – to enrich Cority’s injury predictive models.

“Cority is at the forefront of applying emerging technologies to improve safety culture and worker well-being outcomes. Soon, machine-generated data will far eclipse data collected from worker inputs. This will transform EHSQ, and as a result, worker engagement is more important than ever to put actionable insights to use,” said Stan Marsden, EVP and CTO, Cority. “Cority has put the worker at the center of its design approach for over 30 years. Our latest enhancements uniquely empower our clients to leverage data from any source to improve outcomes for individuals, teams, and the organization.”

These key market developments will be the focus of the upcoming Cority Connect Houston Roadshow and webinar, The Connected Worker: Accelerating Your Digital Transformation to Drive an Engaged and Safe Workplace, this month.

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