The Clinical Testing Module is part of Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This module provides occupational health professionals with the ability to create clinical testing batteries, and track and record all employee clinical tests for different sample types. The information recorded in this module also appears in the employee’s electronic health record in the Medical Chart Module.

Key Benefits of the Clinical Testing Module:

This module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Define, create, and track an unlimited amount of clinical test batteries / panels
  • Track details for each clinical sample, including all of the batteries that should be tested in the sample and results of each test
  • Record employee clinical tests directly from within the Clinic Visit Module for efficient workflow
  • Link clinical test batteries to medical surveillance programs
  • Trend employee clinical test results in the Medical Chart Module
  • Easily import laboratory results into the system through direct data transfer
  • Report on clinical test results with comprehensive standard reports

Key Components

The components of this module are as follows:

Test Batteries

  • Define “test batteries” or panels (e.g., lipid profile) for medical testing and the individual test units (i.e. blood lead, cholesterol, glucose, LDL etc.) that are included in each test battery
  • Group test units by category (hematology, urine, drug etc.) and by result format (i.e. y/n, numeric, text, and multiple choice)
  • Link each test battery to a health center as appropriate
  • Flag whether a test battery is for a body fluid exposure (integrates with the Body Fluid Exposure Module)
  • Flag whether a test battery is for drug testing (integrates with the Drug Testing Module)
  • Record recall periods for the test battery as necessary to trigger automatic workflow to notify employees when they are due for re-testing
  • Integrate with the Medical Surveillance Recalls Module to connect clinical test batteries to medical surveillance programs, which will trigger automatic workflow that recalls employees for required testing
  • Track the sequence in which the tests should be performed
  • View all results for each test battery in one easy-to-run report

Recording Clinical Test Details and Results

  • Track comprehensive sample details including sample type, sample date, specimen ID, test administrator, test reviewer, fasting requirement
  • Capture clinical test results manually or through direct transfer from the clinical laboratory using the ASTM-HL7-88, 94Gamma Dyna Care or HL7 2.2 or 2.3 (standard protocols used by most laboratories)
  • Enter results for all battery tests on one simple screen for efficient data entry
  • Import multiple test results for multiple employees at once if using direct laboratory transfer; results will then be populated for each employee/test/health center as appropriate
  • Track and view laboratory reference ranges for test results as well as company normal ranges (as defined by your company)
  • Reference the employee’s allergies and prescriptions on the sample record for contraindication details
  • Track any notes related to the sample
  • Identify Biological Exposure Indices (BEI) in the clinical test units for reporting and linkage with the Industrial Hygiene Software Suite
  • Trend the employee’s clinical test results as an indicator on the electronic medical record in the Medical Chart Module and access clinical testing results directly from within that module

Clinical Testing Reports

  • Run various system reports using Cority’s Standard Reports tool, including clinical test history for one or more employees, abnormal test results, and others
  • Use Cority’s flexible Report Writer tool to report on additional data captured within the module

Integration Points

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Clinical Testing Module in Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite:

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