Customer Complaint Software

Need to transform the way you serve, satisfy and interact with customers? 

Cority Customer Complaint Management Software module can help.

Cority manages every quality related customer interaction with a streamlined, configurable process and is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track outcome in a closed loop.

It eliminates any disconnect for quality and compliance at the end of the product lifecycle. Front-line personnel can input data into an intuitive platform that responds dynamically with auto-fill capabilities and predefined dropdown capabilities. The solution uses automation to streamline communication and notify relevant personnel with risk-based incident reports.

Cority Complaint Management Software also provides dashboards, so managers and executives can drill down into broader trends in customer complaints, in an effort to identify areas of risk and where additional resources may be required for root cause investigations.

Companies capable of capitalizing on feedback can take their process improvement initiatives to new heights, so if you have challenges serving and interacting with customers, our software could be the solution to tracking and managing customer complaints and their causes.

  • Investigate failures by root cause, responsible parties, operations and/or materials.

  • Analyze complaint trends and costs by supplier, product, plant, employee, region, etc. in real time.

  • Integrate the process with other business systems such as ERP to connect complaints with customer lists, part numbers, and more

  • Integrate each step within the customer complaint tracking process into a contained solution from input to disposition

Key Features Of This Module

Capture and Manage

Capture, manage and analyze all complaints (i.e. RMA, RGA, warranty) whether the event, source or cause is internal or external.


Identify issue trends, their costs and action taken over time to appropriately allocate resources.


Formalize/harmonize the customer complaint management process and approvals from beginning to end.

Comprehensive History

Provide all departments with a comprehensive history of complaints and resolution by product.

Works With These Modules

equipment management

Equipment Maintenance

This module supports global preventive maintenance systems within any manufacturing or service environment.

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Change Management

Cority Change Management/ Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Software takes the risk out of product management, incorporating modern elements of automation, version control, and workflows into the process.

non conformative


Whether the source is a customer complaint, an inspection, an audit or is supplier-related, Cority Nonconformance is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track nonconformances in a closed loop.

employee training

Employee Training

This module creates a single interface to develop and manage company-wide training initiatives.


Gauge Calibration

Cority Gauge Calibration Software incorporates the results of various analyses within a single interface, eliminating the need to manage difficult-to-integrate software applications and providing a portal of visibility into gauge calibration and process health across the organization.

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