What Scalability, Employee Engagement, and Rapid Deployment All Have in Common 

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When an organization recognizes a need for heightened environmental health and safety measures, that realization is often coupled with an urgency that makes it seem like yesterday was the best time to put new measures into place. Whether it’s due to rapid growth, frustration over current processes, or simply owning up to how outdated your policies and practices are, knowing change needs to happen always comes with its fair share of questions about what to do next. 

There’s much to consider when you think about overhauling an entire EHS system. In this article, we’ll look at three crucial elements to consider when faced with the need for change: 

  1. Scalability 
  2. Employee engagement 
  3. Rapid deployment 

What Do You Need to Have a Successful Safety Culture? 

Your organization has priorities when it comes to corporate culture, whether they’ve been strategized or are simply understood by all. Highlighting them can help you know what needs to be prioritized in new safety practices and it can certainly help make big decisions like what kind of new software is needed to reach those lofty goals.  

Do you want an efficient implementation period that will have the new systems up and running as soon as possible? Or is employee engagement that thing that’s been really lacking? If you’re an organization poised for growth, then scalability could be your biggest concern. Or, given how complex major, systemic shifts can be, having hands-on support from experts might be your top priority. 

A couple of years ago, Parkland Corporation was in a period of rapid growth and realized their systems weren’t designed to scale alongside the company. When they discovered that Cority’s Safety Cloud could offer them scalability, rapid deployment, and streamlined processes that would enhance employee engagement, they knew they’d found what they needed. If this sounds familiar, keep reading to learn how their organization smoothly transitioned to our comprehensive safety software. 

Create a Strong Safety Culture as Your Organization Scales 

Making changes to internal processes can be a challenge regardless of which stage of business you’re currently in. It’s certainly not a job you want to have to redo every few years as you grow, which is why the scalability of a system is incredibly important.  

What Parkland Corporation experienced was that their old software, one they’d been using for over 7 years, simply wasn’t sufficient when the company expanded its territory and began adding new companies to its portfolio. With over 6,000 employees, they needed a new software that would engage employees through holistic training and strengthen a safety culture to protect them for years to come.  

Cority’s Learning Management Solution brought an employee-centric approach to learning that made professional development flexible and adaptable to specific needs. It made keeping employees engaged and up-to-speed easy, which created a foundation for efficient onboarding and safety training for all the new employees that arrive with new acquisitions and hires.  

That’s the importance of scalability. 

Streamline Reporting for Real-Time Insights From Employees 

Having a platform that prioritizes simplicity, security, and user-experience makes enhanced employee engagement a simple part of your mission to create a culture of safety and awareness.  

Parkland Corporation was able to harness the power and simplicity of Cority’s mobile solution, myCority, to streamline its hazard reporting process and improve frontline worker engagement simply because the software allows for real-time insights directly from employees. Their old system involved supervisor analysis, paper forms, and spreadsheets when employees needed to report a hazard. The new one involves an app and quick, employee-led reports.  

The Safety Cloud also does away with information silos and optimizes safety and compliance management by tracking reports across entire organizations rather than localizing and minimizing information. With it, Parkland has been able to transform training performance data into meaningful insights and leverage reports, dashboards, and notifications to share information and strengthen safety culture.  

That’s the power of employee engagement. 

Cority’s Accelerated Deployment Methodology 

For most professionals, the mere thought of switching operational systems threatens to invoke a headache–and potentially threaten KPIs.  

But the process of transitioning to new software doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out ordeal. At least, it doesn’t have to if you take a cue from how the Parkland Corporation used the Cority Accelerated Deployment method (CAD).  

They chose to go this route in order to have their new safety observation program up and running as quickly as possible. Weekly meetings and Cority-led workshops provided the expert guidance necessary to streamline the transition process and they were able to fully implement the Safety Cloud program in only 15 weeks, with thousands of employees on-boarded and ready to engage to strengthen their culture of safety. 

That’s the efficiency of accelerated deployment. 

Cority’s Safety Cloud Brings the Three Together 

If you’re thinking of an upgrade to your safety software and want to prioritize scalability, employee engagement, and rapid deployment, Cority’s can bring those things together with their Safety Cloud software and unmatched expert guidance. To read more about how Parkland Corporation utilized these options to revolutionize their training, reporting, and management methods, check out their case study. Let their success inspire you to overcome the challenge of upgrading your EHS standards and systems to provide the safest experience possible for your employees.