Begin With the End in Mind: Keys to Implementing Your New EHS Analytics Project

Learn how to implement a successful EHS data analytics strategy

When engaging in a new EHS software project, it’s best practice to ‘begin with the end in mind’ but what exactly does this mean? And why is it so important when it comes to analytics? If you’ve mapped out a clear, ideal state for how the EHS data you’re collecting will flow through to your reporting, it […]

How to Find the Right Analytics Tool for Your EHS Data

Learn 5 key criteria to consider when evaluating EHS analytics solutions.

It can be pretty obvious if you aren’t using the right EHS analytics tool. Maybe your tool doesn’t have the right visualization capabilities, it’s too hard for your users to understand, it’s time-consuming to work with or it just can’t handle all the data you need in real-time. Perhaps you’re working with a tool built in-house that’s too costly to […]

Are You Ready for Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) 2020?

Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) under TSCA

Most environmental, health, safety, and quality (EHSQ) professionals are used to annual chemical data reporting, including TRI, Tier II and SARA reports. 2020 has been full of unexpected events, and for some, an additional chemical management report may be the latest unwelcome surprise. In this post, we’ll walk through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s […]

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Software Solution

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Management Software: What to Look For

It’s been ten years since the EPA introduced mandatory greenhouse gas reporting for large emission sources in the United States. In the last decade, we have seen increasing scrutiny on the environmental impact of corporations and organizations. Consumers are looking to support organizations that meet ambitious sustainability goals and markets are responding accordingly with an explosion in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainable investing […]