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New partnership improves industrial hygiene analysis

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Thanks to a new partnership between Medgate and Exposure Assessment Solutions Inc (EASi), the developer of IH Data Analyst, companies will be able to run more sophisticated analysis on their industrial hygiene data sets, improving decisions that help to keep employees healthy.

Under the exclusive partnership, Medgate users will be able to perform Bayesian decision analysis on their Industrial Hygiene data as part of their risk assessment. The two partners will work to integrate the Bayesian analysis tool into Medgate over the coming months.

Applying Bayesian decision analysis to sample data sets will allow industrial hygienists to act with more certainty when compared to standard statistical methods, particularly when the sample size is limited.

About EASi
EASi ( develops IH Data Analyst (IHDA), an innovative, unique occupational data analysis product designed to assist the industrial hygienist in interpreting datasets where the sample size is small.