Key Benefits of the Questionnaire Module

This module will enable you to:

  • Create EHS questionnaires for any purpose: surveys, risk assessments, sampling checklists, equipment management etc.
  • Track company-specific data that isn’t logically tracked elsewhere in the application
  • Attach questionnaire responses to any other record in the application
  • Gather information from across your workforce using a simple online questionnaire link
  • Analyze questionnaire data using Cority’s other Business Intelligence tools

Key Components

The Questionnaire module offers the following features:

Creating & Using Questionnaires

  • Define any type of question (Y/N, Numeric, Multiple Choice, Text, Date or Table Look-up) to be added to a questionnaire
  • Classify the questions into categories for easy reference
  • Create a question library so that you can add the same question to many questionnaires
  • Add headers/footers, company logos and default answers to a questionnaire
  • Attach images to any question within a questionnaire
  • Utilize scoring functionality to enhance data analysis
  • Insert complex formulas into questionnaires to support/simulate various EHS assessment tools
  • Attach questionnaires to any record in the Cority system
  • Build intelligence into your questionnaire strategy and processes by configuring Findings & Actions to be generated from certain question responses

Public Questionnaires

  • Send employees a standalone link that allows them to complete and submit questionnaires directly to the Cority system (they will not have access to any other records in the system)
  • View all responses for questionnaires to which you have access
  • Post a questionnaire once you have reviewed it and made any applicable changes

Metrics and Reporting

  • Analyze responses by either the source questionnaire or individual question, with the option to graph the data
  • Incorporate functionality and complex formulas into your questionnaires that will enable you to perform analytical scoring
  • Manipulate / chart / report on questionnaire data using Cority’s versatile Business Intelligence tools

Integration Points

The Questionnaire module is a valuable component of all of the Cority software suites and integrates with several modules in each.

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