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Key Benefits of the Findings & Actions Module:

The Findings & Actions module will enable you to:

  • Manage your findings and corrective actions together in one logical tracking interface that is consistent across all modules
  • Trigger automated corrective action emails to assignees that include standalone links to the finding and action details, allowing for action completion by non-Cority users
  • Track ergonomic, safety, IH, and environmental findings and actions together in one location
  • Promote accountability and aid corrective action tracking with automatic email reminders and overdue notifications (with escalation ability)
  • Support ‘Management of Change’ by linking risk assessments / change to actions
  • Easily manage and review action completion status with reports and dashboards

Key Components

This module offers robust functionality that will help you quickly and effectively realize the benefits described above. The features of this module are grouped as follows:

Findings & Actions List

  • Gain one-stop access to all findings and actions that are relevant to you
  • Quickly identify the source of the finding/action with source and source ID fields
  • View the corresponding risk ranking (if applicable) of all findings and actions, which could be an image/icon or description that you have assigned to different risk levels (e.g., green circle for low risk, red circle for high risk, etc.)
  • Simplify workflow by creating new findings directly within your Findings & Actions “home page”
  • Use the module as a general task manager by creating new actions for any/all IH-related tasks

Findings & Actions Configuration

  • Link questionnaire responses to findings, allowing the corresponding finding to be automatically recorded once a question response is entered. If that finding has corresponding actions, those actions will also be auto-generated
  • Improve productivity using efficient tools, such as:
    • Copy/clone actions or create recurring corrective actions, improving workflow efficiency for common issues with a repetitive nature
    • Attach multiple documents and photos to a finding or action (e.g., a photo of the broken piece of equipment and/or checklist)
    • Create many actions for one finding (1:many relationship)

Action Tracking/Workflow

  • Trigger an automatic email notification / action completion workflow based on the finding and action data you’ve completed:
    • Emails include the details of the finding and action, any recurrences, and a standalone link to access the relevant record in the application
    • Reminders can be configured to run at different frequencies before and after the due date of the activity using automatic email notifications
    • Notifications and reminders can also be sent to a backup employee to help ensure action completion
  • Allow action assignees to add details, pictures, and/or documents confirming that the action has been completed, and save their changes to the database
  • Capture verification information for organizations using third parties for action verification

Metrics and Reporting

  • Findings and actions can be viewed and manipulated using Cority’s Metrics tools, allowing you to analyze data by HR reporting hierarchy, business units, or site tree hierarchy.

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