Industrial Ergonomics

Improve Ergonomic Data Collection and Mitigate Ergonomic Risk

Manage Ergonomics data and assessments in one place.

Employees who work in an environment with poor ergonomics are vulnerable to injuries, resulting in lost work time, human error, increased costs, and poor morale. 

To help you keep your employees healthy, Cority’s Ergonomic software solution empowers you to manage and mitigate ergonomic risk.

Create risk controls and perform audits and inspections with a comprehensive solution that manages ergonomics data collection and assessments in one place.

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While our in-house ergonomists have tailored the processes and workflows to be ergonomics-specific, our software can be easily configured to accommodate the requirements of your organization, personal preferences, or both.

Get the most out of the solution with pre-built functionality (such as REBA, RULA, and NIOSH Lifting Equation) and automated scoring capabilities to identify and prevent ergonomic risks in your workplace. Partner with Cority to create a better work environment with ergonomic software that will help your employees be healthy and productive.


Store Data in One Place

Share Data With Other Departments

Make Smart Decisions with BI Tools

Cority’s market-leading Ergonomics Solution enables you to:

  • Manage organization-wide ergonomic audits and inspections, as well as individual ergonomic assessments.
  • Manage ergonomic risk assessments and effectively mitigate ergonomic risk.
  • Capture virtually any ergonomics data you require by building and configuring flexible tools—including risk assessment tools, inspection checklists, and self-assessment questionnaires.
  • Consolidate ergonomic findings & actions together in one logical interface.
  • Effectively manage the implementation of ergonomic risk controls.
  • Share data with the Safety and Occupational Health Solution OR Employee Health Software, as appropriate, to ensure effective communication in managing ergonomics issues
  • Use Cority’s Business Intelligence tools to analyze and report on ergonomic data
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Ergonomics Modules.

Manage ergonomic equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected, or maintained to get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is reliable.

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Plan and build risk assessment programs and perform ongoing analysis to continuously evaluate and mitigate ergonomic risk.

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Create programs to identify risks, collect audit details, and ensure that actions resulting from audits are completed to comply with regulatory needs.

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