A Look into the Pivotal EHS&S Trends of 2023

Join Cority’s William Palmer and special guest Cyndale Post, Digital EHS&S – Cority Center of Excellence Leader at Arcadis on December 5th at 11AM EST for an insightful session – A Look into the Pivotal EHS&S Trends of 2023. We’ll discuss strides made in digital integration within EHS systems, progress toward sustainable practices, and our expectations of new possibilities in 2024.

During this webinar we’ll delve into:

  1. The role of connected and integrated systems in transforming EHS&S operations, enhancing data collection, and fostering a proactive management culture.
  2. The increasing complexity of legislation, such as California’s disclosure regulations and the EU’s CSRD, which is pushing organizations from a reporting-centric to a compliance-centric mindset.
  3. The rising prominence of AI in the EHS&S domain, moving from a technological novelty to an essential component in operational excellence and decision-making.
  4. The impact of economic pressures on the digitization of EHS&S functions, emphasizing the need for EHS departments to present strong business cases for technological investments.

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