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Promote holistic wellbeing.

Making the health and well-being of your employees a priority can be difficult when you manage hazards with multiple systems, inconsistent health data leads, and time-consuming reporting.

You may find it frustrating having to spend more time on the administration of managing health and complying with regulatory agencies (such as the HSE), rather than improving and maintaining employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Research shows that lost time and productivity from injuries and illnesses can cost up to 4% of GDP!

Cority is here to help you promote holistic wellbeing. By partnering with occupational health nurses, physicians, occupational hygienists, case managers, and risk experts, we have developed the most comprehensive purpose-built OH software solution on the market. With 30+ years of experience partnering with more than 300 customers including, FTSE 100 companies and government organisations, Cority is proud to be the preferred and leading vendor in occupational health and hygiene software.

Tackle 360° workplace risks.

Prevent and mitigate employee injuries and illnesses by using risk and exposure assessments to identify and manage hazards and document controls.

Total worker well-being.

Promote employees’ physical and mental health holistically with Cority’s unique integration that enables actionable insights, and build monitoring programmes based on contextualised QHSE data that focuses on all aspects of employee wellbeing.

Seamless and intuitive monitoring.

Cority’s out-of-the box integrations with devices automatically associate monitoring data with employee records to help you alleviate administrative burden and focus on data analysis and reporting.

Return employees back to work effectively.

Spend less time on the administration of your programmes and focus on employees to ensure that they have the help they need physically and emotionally to get back to work.

Integrated and Centralised Data

Streamlined and Automated Processes

Actionable Insights with Reporting

Manage the required immunisation and travel kits to reduce the overhead for providing clearances and ensure that employees are medically prepared for travel.

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Streamline clinical scheduling using a dynamic appointment calendar to spend less time on scheduling and more time on helping employees be healthy.

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Manage medical equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected, or maintained to get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is reliable.

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Track employee data using an electronic record that consolidates all Occupational Health systems information in order to get quick access and make better health decisions.

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With Cority’s occupational health manager software, create immunisation campaigns and track detailed immunisation information to prevent illnesses and keep employees healthy.

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Streamline the way you manage surveillance programs using automated workflows and notifications to monitor employees’ health and define mitigation and prevention activities.

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Track and manage activities and information related to employee visits in the “home base” to gain a complete view of employees’ health from one centralised location.

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Capture testing details and results through manual data entry or direct interface with audiometers to gain a full picture of employees’ hearing health.

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Create clinical testing batteries, track and record clinical testing sample details, and report on results to identify insight that will help you make better health decisions for employees.

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Track, store, and report on employee x-ray results or other imaging types from a central access point to identify potential chest-related injuries or illnesses.

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Track and manage staff exposures to splashes, sharp, and needlesticks to mitigate harm to exposed employees.

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With Cority’s OH software, record and manage employee vision tests and identify vision issues to gain an understanding of your staff’s eye health and find harm-reduction opportunities.

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Streamline the way you manage similar exposure groups to get peace of mind knowing that you can define groups accurately and manage employee exposure effectively.

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Manage all employee pulmonary function tests and interface directly with spirometers to promote better lung health amongst employees.

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Track all vaccines and medications and use workflows to restock effectively to get peace of mind knowing your inventory is stocked properly.

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Empower your case managers to restore employees’ health and help them return to work by coordinating care in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

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Run deliberate and random drug and alcohol tests for a specific pool of employees to streamline the process of fulfilling D&A test requirements and collecting accurate data.

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"Before Cority, we were not able to run reports. Now, in less than 10 minutes I can run a report and tell you who is sick, how many staff members are on more than 30 days sick leave, [and] who has their periodical examination next month."
Andrea Ferrari
Chief Medical Officer at United Nations High Commission for Refugees

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