Enterprise HSE and Quality Software Solutions

Cority’s enterprise-grade HSE and Quality cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform  powers solutions that protect the well-being of workers and the environment, ensure global compliance in the face of rapidly-evolving requirements, and advance sustainability and operational excellence.

The Most Comprehensive SaaS-based HSE Management System

Cority’s modular HSE management system can be configured to meet any organisation’s QHSE needs. The Cority environmental health and safety software spans the main functional areas in QHSE: Occupational Health & Hygiene, Safety, Environmental, Quality and Ergonomics. Cority can be deployed as an integrated, enterprise-wide HSE software solution, a scaled-down version for mid-sized companies, or as standalone solution to suit your specific requirements.

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Cority HSE Management Software Overview

Using our powerful Business Intelligence tools, you can analyse and report on data captured within any of the Cority platform functional areas or combine QHSE data for a complete view of QHSE performance. Each of Cority’s HSE Management Software includes a host of HSE compliance software modules that enable organisations to perform complete data collection and tracking. Click on one of the areas to learn more.

Key features and benefits of Cority’s HSE management software:

Enable HSE and Quality integration and convergence across multiple dimensions to achieve standardisation of HSE and QHSE practices across functional disciplines and supply chains.
An intuitive user interface that ranks with the best in class from all industries that meets the needs of a diverse group of users. From the QHSE practitioner that relies on Cority everyday to facilitate their highly technical work to a foreman on the shop floor, to a remote auditor that only occasionally uses Cority on any device, the experience is relevant and simple to learn with features like ’Smart lookup’ for easy data entry.
Cority provides sophisticated reporting, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities. Compliance is aided through full regulatory environmental, health and safety standards (e.g., HSE and EU-OSHA) plus sophisticated disability management information tools.
Cority is committed to keeping you on a well-supported ‘out-of-the-box’ software product. No custom development. Cority features many tailoring and set-up options with configurable business rules to better manage workflow. Each organisation, and to some extent each user, can readily personalise their own views, screens, layouts, lists and menus to maximize efficiency.
Configurable security settings allow for tighter user security management and, because security is about more than software, Cority was the first HSE software provider to be ISO 27001 certified.ISO 27001 Certified
Key metrics will inform your management decisions at a glance with intuitive data visualisation to indicate trends, indicate alerts, and bring attention to most important activities to follow-up on.
Cority is fully web-based with the largest community of HSE professionals using the same standardised software-as-a-service version. You benefit from a reduced TCO, ongoing R&D investment, shared best practices, and improved overall service.
Multilingual support makes it easy to engage employees and empower practitioners around the world. Sophisticated hierarchies and role-based security enable a successful global roll-out of your HSE and Quality programmes.
Cority is designed, deployed, and supported by QHSE industry experts. Their hard-earned experience is reflected in powerful out-of-the-box workflows that capture 30 years of best practices and industry standards. This approach speeds deployment, reduces costs, and advances your QHSE programme. Streamline processes with automatic notifications and out-of-the box interfaces with devices, equipment, regulatory agencies, and laboratories.
Cority supports electronic interfaces to assets, equipment and laboratories. Data can be securely exchanged with external systems.
Our detailed assessment found that Cority has an incredibly well-designed core application
Verdantix Trevor Bronson, Analyst