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UCOR Wins Medgate’s EHS Impact Award

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For the second year in a row, Medgate invited clients to share their successes to publicly celebrate their achievements with the EHS Impact Award.

The EHS Impact Award represents an endorsement of their team and shows everyone that employee health and safety is a central priority.

This year’s winner was: UCOR.

UCOR is a partnership contracted by the US Department of Energy which works to safely and efficiently clean up areas within the Oak Ridge Reservation in Tennessee that were affiliated with the Manhattan Project.

In 2015 UCOR was not only named a finalist for this award, but also achieved DOE-VPP Star Status. This designation is only awarded to the highest caliber of EHS programs. Positive safety records were a crucial supporting factor in the DOE recently extending UCOR’s contract by four years.

UCOR has now gone over 6.5 million hours worked without a Lost Day Away Case!

The other finalists for the EHS Impact Award were Logan Aluminum and Total Petrochemicals and Refining.

“We’re very excited about the quality of the entries for the EHS Impact Award this year. The participation of our clients really shows their dedication to the constant improvement of their EHS programs, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come in 2017,” said Mark Wallace, President and CEO of Medgate.

Logan Aluminum is a leading manufacturer of flat rolled aluminum sheet, primarily for the use in the beverage can market.
Their voluntary corporate health and wellness program started in 1993 and provides educational opportunities on diet, exercise and mental wellness, among other topics. Their program has had the dual impact of improving employee health and reducing healthcare spending by the company.
It has an average 99.8% participation rate.
Since 2003, thanks to the success of their wellness program, Logan has been able to renew its healthcare coverage at half or lower than the national inflation rate.
Logan uses Medgate to track and record individuals’ data such as BMI, tobacco use, blood pressure, LDL, and HDL.

Total Petrochemicals and Refining USA is part of one of the largest integrated international oil and gas companies with operations in more than 130 countries worldwide.
Since 2013, Total has worked to implement a formal industrial hygiene and occupational health program including a full exposure assessment, PPE assessments and a medical surveillance program.
This year, the team achieved 100% medical surveillance clearance rate and zero OSHA standard threshold shifts for the first time ever!
Medgate has been instrumental as their tool to manage all of their OH and IH data. More importantly, Total has been able to extract this data in a meaningful way, fulfilling the vision they had when selecting Medgate as their software provider.