Gauge Calibration Software

Customers use the Cority Gauge Calibration software module to transform the way they track and control measuring devices and test equipment into a centralized system.

Cority Gauge Calibration Software incorporates the results of various analyses within a single interface, eliminating the need to manage difficult-to-integrate software applications and providing a portal of visibility into gauge calibration and process health across the organization.

By automating a wide library of MSA device analysis experiments, you can develop a calibration schedule tailored to your unique needs. In addition to tracking the entire gauge calibration process, Cority’s automated solution triggers escalation notices to bring appropriate personnel into the loop on current and prospective issues. Professionals can investigate issues with the full life cycle of receiving and in-process inspection data all in one place.

This integrated EQMS solution is engineered specifically to help with complex products and processes competing in compliance-burdened industries like automotive, medical device, aerospace and defense, and oil & gas.

Key Features Of This Module:

Manage The Calibration Schedule

Manage the calibration schedule in a central system using color coded calibration status fields that remind users when action is due for internally or externally calibrated equipment.

Perform Routine Device Analysis

Perform routine MSA device analysis experiments such as RR ANOVA, RR attribute, RR range, bias and stability/linearity studies.

Track The Cost

Track the cost of maintaining the calibrated device library.

Provide History

Provide a history of where a device was used and what products/processes it was used to certify utilizing IQS Inspection & SPC module integration.

Generate Calibration Certificates

Generate quick and accurate calibration certificates and histories.

Works With These Modules:

customer complaints

Customer Complaints

Cority manages every quality related customer interaction with a streamlined, configurable process and is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track outcome in a closed loop.

non conformative


Whether the source is a customer complaint, an inspection, an audit or is supplier-related, Cority Nonconformance is designed to efficiently capture, manage and track nonconformances in a closed loop.


Inspection & SPC

The Cority Inspection & SPC module allows your organization to plan for and record the results of product testing to both confirm product conformity and to identify trends which might indicate future nonconformities.

change management 1

Change Management

Cority Change Management/ Engineering Change Notice (ECN) Software takes the risk out of product management, incorporating modern elements of automation, version control, and workflows into the process.

equipment management

Equipment Maintenance

This module supports global preventive maintenance systems within any manufacturing or service environment.

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