Training Software

A cornerstone of any EHSQ program is training

Ensuring your employees, at any level, receive the appropriate training for their job is important.

That task is not as easy as it sounds. Each job has multiple training requirements which relate to different skill levels. Not only do you need to document and ensure successful completion but needs to be accessible. Cority helps you manage training requirements and associate them to job, task or demographic. As new employees are on-boarded or existing employees change jobs, Cority automatically identifies required courses and skill levels. Courses are managed with the latest materials, and questionnaires ensure attendees receive the latest information and are evaluated appropriately.

Give your employees and contractors confidence and expertise needed to make your EHSQ programs and initiatives successful.


Cority’s Training Management solution provides the ability to:

Create a catalog of courses and associated materials: participation, certificates, hand-outs, and sign-in sheets.

Ensure employees receive required training by automatically adding them to a course based on demographic data, job position, or surveillance group creating a skills matrix.

Automatic notifications of required trainings (initial and renewal).

Capture and track costs relating to training courses for simple cost tracking and cost recovery.

Relate training requirements and questionnaires with other medical restriction/clearance data for an employee to consolidate all requirements to ensure compliance with the regulations.

Training Management Modules


Provide course materials and requirements to employees to ensure compliance with regulations.

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Record test results directly from testing units, automatically recall employees for testing, and review test records to gain a full picture of employees’ respiratory health.

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Define course structure and requirements generating a matrix related to job, location, task. Create course sessions with reminders, attendance, recurrence to ensure employees are up-to-date for their position.

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Access a central repository for all documentation related to a course; agendas, presentations, tests, sign-in sheets, etc.

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