The Medical Surveillance Recalls Module is an important component of Cority’s Occupational Health Software Suite. This module, which is tightly integrated with the Scheduling Module, allows organizations to streamline the management of medical surveillance programs with automated workflows, notifications, and processes.

Key Benefits of the Medical Surveillance Recalls Module:

This software module will enable occupational health professionals to:

  • Receive exposure group information from Industrial Hygiene and share data for a harmonious approach to surveillance management
  • Efficiently manage all medical surveillance groups through one central access point
  • Define and configure medical surveillance groups to meet unique and specific requirements (i.e.: by job description, department, location, demographics, or any combination of criteria etc.)
  • Define and manage all medical and/or education activities that should be performed on the surveillance group, with direct links to the relevant module in the Occupational Health Software Suite
  • Track all active and inactive members of a surveillance group and maintain a surveillance history for employees
  • Utilize automatic notifications to recall employees for medical surveillance activities

Key Components

The features of this module fall into three groups:

Managing Surveillance Groups and Activities

  • Define recall groups according to your requirements (i.e. surveillance groups, SEGs/HEGs, or occupational exposure groups / OEGs)
  • Set-up surveillance programs based on the employee’s age, sex, job, work location, potential exposure etc., or any combination of these demographic fields.
  • Easily manage employee enrolment in a recall group through the ability to remove/add employees on an ad-hoc basis
  • Assign the required medical or education activities to each exposure group and specify the time intervals for their recall
  • Manage recall activities for an employee:
    • View the status for all surveillance activities for the employee(i.e.: those that are due now but not scheduled, due now and scheduled, or overdue); the status will be updated once each component is completed in the corresponding module or is marked as completed
    • View the employee’s schedule history for completed and upcoming activities and create new scheduling activities directly within the surveillance record, which will then be added to the practitioner / educator’s schedule
    • View the surveillance groups in which the employee is enrolled as well as any exposure groups requiring clearance
    • Once a surveillance activity is added to a schedule, the practitioner / educator can link directly to the activity that is required to be completed and the relevant data in the activity record will be automatically populated based on surveillance group definitions and employee demographics
  • Ensure employees participate in recall activities through automatic system e-mail notifications sent to employees when their next activity is due ( this is based on the completed date of the last activity)
  • View a history of all notifications sent to employees via a notifications list that allows you to keep track of the date employees were notified about the recall
  • Maintain employees in exposure group recalls even after a termination date has been recorded to handle lifetime exposure monitoring requirements (i.e.: Asbestos monitoring)
  • Access the complete surveillance record via the employee’s medical chart

Surveillance Recalls Reports

  • Run extensive reports quickly using the Standard Reports tool (i.e.: “due now” reports, delinquent reports, etc.)
  • Generate batch recall letters to efficiently print/email details to employees/supervisors when recall activities are due
  • Use Cority’s Report Writer tool to track any information captured within the module

Integration Points

Below is a list of the modules that integrate with the Surveillance Recalls Module in the Cority system:

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