The Equipment module is available in every Cority software suite but is configured differently in each suite as appropriate. As part of Cority’s Ergonomics Software Suite, the Equipment module provides ergonomists with the ability to comprehensively manage a wide variety of ergonomic equipment that should be tracked, calibrated, inspected or maintained.

Key Benefits

This module will enable ergonomists to:

  • Manage any/all ergonomic-related equipment that requires periodic testing, calibration, inspection or maintenance
  • Track all historical information regarding equipment inspection, calibration and maintenance
  • Streamline and automate calibration/inspection process with automated workflows
  • Consolidate all safety, environmental, ergonomic and IH equipment together in one tracking interface, if necessary
  • Ensure compliance with equipment licensing or permitting requirements
  • Document and track any issues with the equipment through integration with the Findings & Actions module

Key Components

The questionnaire module offers the following features:

Equipment Calibration/Inspection Management

  • Track data relating to any/all ergonomic equipment, including, but not limited to, ergonomic office accessories, lifting and manual handling aids, adjustable workstations, ergonomic seating, and assessment tools
  • Leverage automated workflows to manage equipment maintenance and recall requirements:
    • Date of next recurrence is automatically calculated based on the date of last calibration/inspection and the calibration/inspection period you’ve defined
    • Automatic recall email notifications remind you when a piece of equipment is due for calibration or maintenance
  • Maintain integrity of calibration/inspection tracking and history by allowing the technician to only update specific data (i.e.: allow him/her to update the date of last calibration but not the calibration/inspection period)
  • Attach any related documents to the equipment record, including calibration certificates
  • Build and attach checklists to the equipment record and configure findings to auto-generate based on checklist responses

Equipment Metrics

  • Track calibration and inspection activity and due dates with an equipment recall report

Integration Points

In addition to the Ergonomics Software Suite, the Equipment module is present in Cority’s EnvironmentalIndustrial HygieneOccupational Health and Safety Software Suites.

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