Improve Ergonomic Data Collection and Mitigate Ergonomic Risk

Cority’s Ergonomics Software Suite empowers ergonomists with a complete solution for effectively managing ergonomics data collection and assessments. While our in-house ergonomists have tailored the processes and workflows in the suite’s modules to be ergonomics-specific, the suite can be easily configured to accommodate the requirements of your organization, your personal preferences, or both.

Key Benefits of Cority’s Ergonomics Software Suite:

This software suite will enable ergonomists to:

  • Manage organization-wide ergonomic audits and inspections, as well as individual ergonomic assessments.
  • Manage ergonomic risk assessments and effectively mitigate ergonomic risk.
  • Capture virtually any ergonomics data you require by building and configuring flexible tools—including risk assessment tools, inspection checklists, and self-assessment questionnaires .
  • Consolidate ergonomic findings & actions together in one logical interface.
  • Effectively manage the implementation of ergonomic risk controls.
  • Share data with the Safety and Occupational Health Suites as, appropriate, to ensure effective communication in managing ergonomics issues
  • Use Cority’s Business Intelligence tools to analyze and report on ergonomic data


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