Cority’s Emissions Management software provides environmental professionals a comprehensive set of tools to track and report on emissions, greenhouse gases, and ozone depleting substances to ensure compliance with global regulations and legislation.

The Emissions solution is comprised of:  

  • Emissions Inventory
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring
  • Ozone Depleting Substances


Emissions Inventory

Cority’s Emissions Inventory solution delivers powerful functionality that simplifies organizational efforts for gathering data, calculating emissions, and conducting agency reporting.


  • Manage emissions inventory information in one centralized location to demonstrate compliance with permits and regulations.
  • Utilize convenient, standardized templates for managing emission source, emission point,and control device parameters.
  • Access a comprehensive chemical database containing physical property information to allow for easy definition of materials specific to facility operations.
  • Maintain historical calculation methodologies for any reporting period.
  • Perform AP-42 calculation methodologies for tanks, combustion, loading, fugitives,  for US.
  • Utilize stack test results and published emissions factors for unlimited calculation flexibility.
  • Generate standardized reports for rolling emissions, time period comparisons, pollutants, emission points, emission sources, and SARA compounds across organizational hierarchies for global jurisdictions.
  • Generate a wide array of standard reports for emission comparisons, roll-ups, permit limit checking and detailed source reports.
  • Reference a library of calculation methodologies and framework that allows for organization-specific calculation definition.


Greenhouse Gases

Cority’s Greenhouse Gases solution is the best-in-class greenhouse gas (GHG) calculation and management system. GHG reporting needs can be met efficiently by leveraging this easy to use enterprise solution.


  • Manage enterprise-wide GHG reporting and record keeping guidelines.
  • Streamline the process for EPA Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Rule
  •  Ensure that all inputs are complete before calculating results utilizing business rule logic.
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art optimized calculation engine for quick and reliable results.
  • Submit electronically to the EPA in required e-GGRT XML format for the US.
  • Review projected emissions based on considerations for process related modifications.
  • Perform cost analyses for future project planning.


Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Cority’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring solution is an automated data historian system that supports data collection, calculations, monitoring, charting, reporting, and alerting. This data can be integrated into air emissions, discharge monitoring, environmental process limits calculations, and KPI tracking.


  • Utilize a robust data storage capability including data quality flags.
  • Integrate with compliance calculations for quality assurance.
  • Meet regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Automatically collect emission data and parameter monitoring information.
  • Define aggregate and engineering calculations to support environmental monitoring.
  • Calculate results that can be incorporated in reports, charts, and alerts.
  • Manage data calculations, alerting, and reporting efforts.


Maintenance, Start-up and Shutdown

Cority’s Maintenance, Start-up and Shutdown software enables organizations to capture and document Maintenance, Start-up, and Shutdown (MSS) activities associated with emission inventory reporting.


  • Easily track, document and report asset MSS activities by equipment groups, projects, and individual activity to ensure compliance.
  • Ensure consistent data collection of common activities across the company and user base with standardized templates.
  • Manage assets and MSS regulatory requirements.
  • Document compliance of MSS activities using easily configurable templates.
  • Calculate MSS activity emissions for accurate reporting.
  • Compare actual emissions with permitted emissions.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Emissions Inventory for annual emission inventory reporting.

Ozone Depleting Substances

Cority’s Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) software is built for users to easily collect recharge data, manage refrigerant inventory, document leak testing efforts, capture compliance information, and support ozone depleting substance sustainability monitoring.


  • Easily collect recharge data, manage inventory, document leak testing efforts,and capture all compliance information
  • Support ODS sustainability monitoring
  • Control and manage relevant EPA regulated refrigerant inventory and ensure full compliance with regulations including 40 CFR Part 82 Ozone Depleting Substance Act for the US
  • Maintain EPA required technician certification and training classification records for the US
  • Track recovery and recycled refrigerants to prove compliance on appliance service, maintenance, record keeping, and retirement
  • Generate detailed reports in response to the EPA or other regulatory body requests for information for the US

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