Key Features and Benefits of Cority’s Standard Reports

  • Leverage hundreds of pre-built reports that are commonly used by EHS professionals
  • Save time by extracting the data you need in just a few clicks using pre-defined criteria
  • Tailor reports to your needs by filtering by employee, location, job position, time frame, etc.
  • Create and share report queries, which can be configured to mine only the data that pertains to the user running the report
  • Export reports to different output formats
  • Add your company logo or other graphics to your reports
  • Run reports in graphical format to visualize them
  • Define report security to limit access to sensitive reports and/or data
  • Use Report Scheduler to schedule reports to run at specified times and be delivered to an individual or distribution list

Examples of Standard Reports in The Cority System

Listed below are several of the pre-built reports provided in the Cority platform:

Occupational Health

  • Required Capabilities by Job Position
  • Absence FMLA, STD and State FMLA Report
  • Currently Absent/Restricted Employees
  • Clinic Visit Utilization
  • Schedule Recalls


  • Safety Actions (open, closed, due, or overdue)
  • OSHA 300 Log
  • Injury/OSHA Rates and Counts
  • Safety Incident Investigations – Stage of Completion
  • Safety Incident Root Cause Analysis
  • Safety Incident Counts by Category

Industrial Hygiene

  • IH Actions
  • Detailed Monitoring Results
  • Detailed Mixture TLV
  • List of Employees with Potential Exposure
  • Equipment Recall


  • Environmental Actions
  • Environmental Incident Investigations – Stage of Completion
  • Environmental Incident Root Cause
  • Environmental Incident Counts by Category


  • Ergonomic Actions
  • Ergonomic Audit Counts
  • Ergonomic Questionnaire Out of Range Responses

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