Key Features and Benefits of Cority’s Query Builder

Access virtually any data source within Cority in a fraction of the time. Query Builder is our next generation report writer. It allows users to compile (build), filter, analyze and visualize solution data in a what you see is what you get (WYSISYG) interface.

Query Builder removes the need for EHSQ administrators to be IT professionals when it comes to retrieving and accessing their data.

Query Builder allows users to:

  • Effectively drill through data sets and create your own reports that can be viewed on screen, exported to Excel or PDF, or emailed
  • Save reports and /or pin them to a Dashboard so they can be used for future queries of the same data set
  • Share reports so others can use them to create their own queries; reports can be configured to mine only the data that pertains to the user running the report
  • Ensure EHS reporting integrity with security settings that limit access to sensitive reports and/or data; for example, allow only the creator of a report to make edits to it, while others can copy the report and save it under a different name
  • Define exactly how different data sets will relate to each other and how the data will be filtered, sorted, grouped, displayed (table, chart, radial gauge, etc.) and if/how totals will be included (for example, each column will have a subtotal and a grand total will be provided)
  • Pin any results you have created to your Dashboard; the Dashboard report will be updated in real time
  • Use Report Schedulerto schedule reports to run at specified times and be delivered to an individual or distribution list

Through Query Builder’s support of OData, use other applications to externally manipulate and report on your data

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